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Thales DIS BPS Offers Multifunctional Cards for Security Applications

Image: Thales DIS BPS Germany

Thales DIS BPS Offers Multifunctional Cards for Security Applications

Secure Identification through Multiple Antennas and PKI Cards

Thales DIS BPS Deutschland GmbH is a smart card manufacturer based near Eisenach, Germany. Contactless and contact smart cards in the NF, HF and UHF range as well as combinations thereof are manufactured in-house and used worldwide in various markets, e.g. in public transport, for secure physical and logical identification and in industrial environments.

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Digitalization Requires Greater Data Security

In the wake of the Corona pandemic, the level of digitization among German commercial enterprises has increased. One consequence of this is the need for higher data security, says Steffi Lasch, Sales and Marketing Manager at Thales DIS BPS: "Increasing digitalization has activated a security mindset and, coupled with this, the need to be able to trace physical and logical access to systems." There is currently a shift in thinking in these areas, she says, which is taking the form of increased demand for smart cards for security applications.

Multifunctional Cards for Access Security

One main application area for smart cards from Thales DIS BPS are corporate ID cards. The dual interface cards for this purpose were developed by Thales DIS BPS and are manufactured locally in all production steps. The multifunctionality of the dual interface cards is ensured by integrating two different systems in one chip that enable communication with different readers. The included chip can be programmed for high security applications. Such cards have the advantage that they contain just one chip that can be addressed both contactlessly and by using a contact interface, e.g. in the PC explains Steffi Lasch, sales and marketing manager at Thales DIS BPS.

This means, for example, that employees can use one card to gain access to both the company premises and their PC Other multifunctional hybrid cards from Thales DIS BPS combine several RFID transponders with contact-based reading, so just one card is enough for the way trough the parking gate to the secure log-on.

Smart Key Fob Ready for Series Production

One product innovation is the Thales UNI transponder in the size of a key fob. The transponder is manufactured in a highly automated card format and therefore benefits from the company's long-established know-how. The frequency range can vary. Like all other cards in the Thales DIS BPS product range, it is hermetically sealed by lamination before the final coin-sized form is punched out. The "coin" contains the antenna and chip. It is finally inserted into a housing ring that protects the transponder e.g. from abrasion. Series production started in February 2022.

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Steffi Lasch
Steffi Lasch
Sales & Marketing Manager
Wutha-Farnroda, Germany
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