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Automotive Production + Parts Logistics + Tire Management + Wireless IoT Technologies
Think Wireless IoT Day 04-2023 on June 21st 2023

Important Questions in Difficult Times!

Invitation* to the international livestream on June 21st from 10:00 to 15:00 CEST - in English.

* As the organizer of the Think WIOT Days, the final decision on participation rests with Verlag & Freie Medien.

Which Technologies are Driving the Industry Forward? How are Companies Transforming and Becoming Digital?

Expert speakers offer all participants their expertise, their practical experiences and the latest research results. They answer questions in the livestream and respond directly to all participants. Two moderators will accompany the livestream. An end user explains a current project in a live interview.

Conclusion: A diverse program + first-hand expertise + questions in the livestream.

Topics on the Agenda:

  • RFID-controlled cross-docking processes
  • Replenishment control in parts logistics with RFID
  • RFID and barcode label development
  • Standardized tire tagging
  • Single and bulk reading of RFID tagged tires
  • Digital twin and machine connectivity
  • Production equipment with sensors
  • Production automation with robots
  • Production on the basis of real data with AI

In cooperation with:

  • Elatec
  • ALT Technologies
  • Turck
  • HID
  • Kathrein Solutions
  • Siemens
  • NXP Semiconductors
  • HellermannTyton
  • Hana RFID
Think WIOT Day Movies
Kathrein Solutions
Stefano Baroni
Senior Sales & Partner Manager, Kathrein Solutions
RFID in Tires: Enabling Technology for the Entire Lifecycle, From Production to Recycle Management
  • An overview of RFID embedded in tires, current status and hurdles
  • New approach: ISO to harmonize and facilitate the RFID adoption
  • Physical aspects of embedding RFID in tires that can affect reading performance
  • Vehicle tracking in the automotive supply chain and other use cases
  • Tire tagging and management with RFID
  • How tagged tires can help with digitalization and big data
Chien-Hsun (Josh) Chuang
Sales Director South East Asia (SEA) & Vertical Market APAC, Turck
Battery Production Tracking Solution With RFID Technology at a Leading Chinese Battery Manufacturer
  • Smart automation technology for data-driven battery production
  • Combination of HF & UHF RFID technologies to achieve full range tracking coverage
  • Comprehensive types of RFID tags apply for various applications in battery production
  • High data transmission rates from all read points with HF bus mode
  • Success story: use case from a leading Chinese battery manufacturer
Richard Aufreiter
Vice President Product Marketing, HID
How RFID/IoT Can Turbo-Charge Automotive Production & Supply Chain Processes
  • Optimize logistics and production flow with RFID
  • Custom tag designs for the automotive industry (e.g. chargers, cables, gitterboxes, high-temperature)
  • Applications for battery-less RFID sensor tags
  • Machine learning and cloud analytics for real-time condition monitoring
  • Localizing vehicles during post production
Burhan Gündüz
Vice President Business Development EMEA, Elatec
ELAverse of Mobility and Packaging – SMART Solutions
  • Secure authentication & identification processes
  • Driver Identification for commercial vehicles
  • Parts labeling: Barcode, QR-code vs RFID
  • Use cases in automotive production & logistics
  • Success stories: Mercedes-Benz, VW Group & Co.
Daniel Santiago Perez
Solution Specialist Industrial Locating, Siemens
How Volkswagen Autoeuropa Deals With Traffic Management in Industrial Intersections?
  • Locating AGV and tugger trains in an industrial environment
  • Combination of a real-time locating system from Siemens with traffic lights
  • More efficient, safer, and faster production processes
  • Transparent management of every vehicle
  • Intelligent analytics on the movements of the vehicles
ALT Technologies
Erwin de Groot and Mario Schmid
Global Account Manager Automotive and Business Development Manager, ALT Technologies respectively
Custom Engineered: Printed Electronics and Extensive Shipping Environment Insights for EV-Batteries
  • Custom-engineered solutions in the EV battery production
  • OEM compliant, heat resistant, multi-way readable traceability solutions
  • Temperature, humidity, and tri-axial impact monitoring during shipment
  • Transparent management of every vehicle
  • Printed electronics for battery management systems
NXP Semiconductors
James Goodland
Director RAIN RFID Solutions, NXP Semiconductors
Enabling Smarter Vehicle Manufacturing with UCODE
  • Introducing UCODE and UCODE 9xm
  • Large, configurable memory chips
  • Smart vehicle manufacturing
  • Efficient and secure supply chain management and component tagging with RAIN RFID
James Hill and Ingo Heemeier
PR and Communication Manager EMEA and Senior Product Manager at HellermannTyton respectively
Production of Rugged RFID Transponders in Germany for Industrial Applications
  • HellermannTyton – History and Mission
  • State-of-the-art production methods help in the manufacture of customized RFID transponders
  • From the idea to the individual transponder
  • Use case – Identification of a sensor cable on an exhaust tract
  • RFID in the context of automation – ideas for the future
Randall Grein
Business Development Manager Tires, Hana RFID
Embeddable Tire Tagging
  • Overview & history
  • The key advantages of tire tagging
  • The challenges of tire tagging
  • Established manufacturing techniques


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