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Industrial IoT & Maintenance
Think Wireless IoT Day 07-2021

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Main Topics of the Expert Lectures on Industrial IoT & Maintenance

  • RFID use in industrial processes
  • RFID use under extreme environmental conditions
  • Sensor technology and cloud solutions in industrial IoT
  • Digital twin and AI in manufacturing
  • omlox communication standard for industrial IoT
  • Condition monitoring of hazardous materials
  • Tagging and tracking of RTIs

In Cooperation with:

  • Elatec
  • CISC Semiconductor
  • Turck Vilant Systems
  • HID Global
  • Fraunhofer IFF
  • Denios
  • omlox
Think WIOT Day Movies
Denis Kim
Corporate Vice President Sales EMEA & Japan, Elatec
10:10-10:40 CET
Matching People, Parts and Machines: How Secure RFID Reduces Operating Costs
  • Cut unplanned repair costs by limiting access to machines to trained and authorized operators.
  • Track exactly who has accessed each machine, when and for how long, so you can trace problems caused by operator error or misuse to the source.
  • Prevent potential damage caused by counterfeit or non-compliant parts and consumables by using RFID tags to identify authorized components.
  • Enable easier maintenance tracking and predictive maintenance with automated logging of part and consumable installation, so you know exactly what was installed, when and by whom.
Turck Vilant Systems
Robert Paulus
Business Development Manager, Turck Vilant Systems
10:40-11:10 CET
RFID Tracks Materials, Inventory and Production Processes in a Car Factory
  • Production process enhancement with replacing barcodes with RFID.
  • Automatic registration of serialized car parts during the production process.
  • Ensuring on-time and correct tire type deliveries by RFID-enabled shipment verfication processes.
  • Visibility of 70,000 RTIs shippped between 13 regional depots in Europe.
HID Global
Richard Aufreiter
VP of Product Marketing, HID Global
11:10-11:40 CET
Will it Last? Best Practices on RFID and IoT Services for Harsh Environments
  • What types of harsh environments exist?
  • Why is RFID a technology that is ideal to operate in such environments?
  • Which standards and properties are essential to make it work?
  • Practical use case examples from around the world.
CISC Semiconductor
Johannes Lehrhofer
Business Unit Manager Industrial IoT, CISC Semiconductor
11:40-12:10 CET
Industrial IoT - Wire(less) to the Edge
  • IIoT moves to the edge
  • Required functionality at the edge
  • Functions covering a gateway, a cloud, AI/ML and more
  • Wire(less) to the edge - from the sensor to the cloud
Coffee Break
12:10-13:00 CET
Fraunhofer IFF
Sven Schiffner
Research Associate at Fraunhofer Insitute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF
13:00-13:30 CET
TwinGuide - Development of an Intelligent Digital Twin by Means of Transient Flow Sheet Simulation
  • Industry-related research with a university and an application partner
  • Intelligent digital twin as an extension of the classical approach
  • Prediction and control of the process flow by means of transient flow sheet simulation using the example of fluidized bed spray granulation
  • Assistance systems for plant operation and control with dynamic action scenarios and recommendations
Dr. Matthias Jöst
Dr. Matthias Jöst
Committe Leader, omlox
13:30-14:00 CET
The Open Location Standard - Technology and Vendor Independent Access to Location Data
  • Beyond the vendor lock in - Interoperability as enabler for seamless locating services.
  • Examples how companies benefit from open locating systems.
  • omlox as open community - collaboration and competition.
Dipl.-Biol. Tobias Authmann
Specialist for Hazardous Material Storage and Occupational Safety, Denios
14:00-14:30 CET
Condition Monitoring for Hazmat Storage
  • Narrowband IoT networks hazardous material storage
  • Around the clock condition monitoring
  • Elimination of on-site inspections


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