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Think WIOT Day on Feb 17: Kulinarikwelten Stengel Opts for Sensors

Sensor technology makes shopping convenient and Covid-19-compliant!

DSGVO-compliant customer counting without shopping carts or queues

The Kulinarikwelten E-Center Stengel in Fürth offers more than 50,000 goods on more than 2,700 square meters. The beverage store located in the immediate vicinity of the center, with an area of 1,700 square meters, is one of the largest in Germany. At peak times, hundreds of customers come to shop. Before the pandemic: a well-frequented store.

During the pandemic, management faced the challenge of implementing Covid 19-compliant measures and limiting the number of customers in the stores at any one time. "Traditional" methods, such as manual counts by security personnel or counting shopping carts, proved insufficient from the operators' perspective.

Join the livestream conference "Knowledge for Retailers" on February 17th “Knowledge for Retailers” Think WIOT Day and get all the details first hand!

Anonymized and Fully Automated Customer Counting - Expert Lecture on February 17th

Together with her father, Lara Stengel runs Kulinarikwelten. What technology the fourth-generation company relies on, how it works in practical everyday life and what feedback it receives from customers – Lara Stengel will deliver a talk on this topic in the livestream conference "Knowledge for Retailers" on February 17th from 13:30 to 14:00 CET.

Informing Customers, Avoiding Capacity Losses

No customer likes to stand in line. Nor does a customer who only wants to buy three items necessarily want to use a shopping cart to do so. The consequence of Covid 19-compliant regulatory actions: Customers deviate from their shopping plans, or simply leave unused shopping carts in the aisles.

With a solution based on sensor technology and AI, the Kulinarikwelten E-Center Stengel is taking an innovative approach. Customers receive precise information on shopping activity at the entrance. Counting shopping carts can be completely eliminated. Customers only use the carts when they are really needed.

Be Part of the Experience – Live!

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The full program and further information can be found here. Don't miss the lecture by Lara Stengel and 10 other experts from the retail sector.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Think WIOT Day "Knowledge for Retailers" on February 17th, 2021!


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