RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 on October 20-21

Digital Twin & Cloud Solution - Microsoft at Think WIOT Day

Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0, OPC UA, Digital Twin and Management Shell!

Lecture by Erich Barnstedt on March 17th!

Erich Barnstedt, Chief Architect Standards & Consortia, Microsoft will talk about an open and secure Industrial IoT on March 17th.

Manufacturing companies need to connect numerous data sources to stay competitive. Machines, production lines, databases and systems must be seamlessly integrated. The way forward: Open data exchange between different technologies. The advantages: Interoperability is increased, security is ensured and a sustainable business model is made possible.

Join the livestream conference "Knowledge for Automotive and Industrial Production" on March 17th and get all the details from the experts first hand!

Openness the Key to Success

"Demand for smart manufacturing is on the rise. Manufacturers can no longer survive on the market with proprietary systems without interoperability. Instead, different technologies need to be linked, multiple data sets need to be correlated, and entire systems, production sites, and business units need to be brought together," explains Erich Barnstedt.

With an open standard, such as OPC UA, devices, systems and data become fully interoperable. The result: Seamless communication and data analysis is made possible to implement Industry 4.0 scenarios.

Digital Twin: The Data Model of the Machines

"Azure Digital Twins can be used to map data models of a physical environment. The operation of IoT applications, for example, can be simulated. With the IoT service, processes and products are optimized, resource consumption is minimized and maintenance cycles are optimally forecast," says Erich Barnstedt.

Be Part of the Experience - Live!

Free participant registration is open! Register only once and get access to all 2021Think WIOT Days! Participants that have already registered only need to log-in with their password.

Don't miss the lecture by Erich Barnstedt and other experts from the field of automotive production and industrial IoT. The complete program and further information can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Think WIOT Day "Knowledge for Automotive and Industrial Production" on March 17th, 2021!

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