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Pneumatic Tube Systems with RFID at the Think WIOT Day Healthcare

Transparent Tracking and Swift Transport of Medical Devices!

Benjamin Reppe, Universitätsklinikum Dresden and Christian Pohlenz, Universitätsklinikum Leipzig will give a joint lecture on May 12th!

Via pneumatic tube, patient samples, pharmaceuticals and sterile goods are transported between the institutes and the wards at the university hospitals in Dresden and Leipzig. Each box reaches its destination within 10 minutes. The rapid transfer of laboratory analysis results ensures the optimal medical treatment of patients. Incorrect deliveries are minimized – even during peak times. All transport routes of the RFID-tagged containers are transparently tracked and documented. Sources of error are immediately identified.

Benjamin Reppe, Universitätsklinikum Dresden and Christian Pohlenz, Universitätsklinikum Leipzig will share their expertise on the challenges, development milestones and benefits of the respective pneumatic tube system at their hospitals on May 12th. Current and future requirements will also be highlighted.

Register free of charge for May 12th and join the digital conference „Wireless IoT Solutions in Healthcare“".

4,500 Shipments Dispatched Daily in Leipzig

120 stations distributed over 25 kilometers, 7 central converters and 800 pneumatic tube canisters – these are the figures at Universitätsklinikum Leipzig. 4,500 items are dispatched every day. RFID transponders on each canister link the container to its source and destination address. This enables vailidable transport processes, which are indispensable for the transport of blood reserves and medication, among other things. Return transport of the empty container to its place of origin is automatically triggered.

6-kilometer Pneumatic Tube System in Dresden

A pneumatic tube system with a total length of 6 kilometers and 19 stations is operated in Dresden. Half of which run underground. 500 RFID-tagged canisters are dispatched daily. At the terminals of the pneumatic tube stations, the RFID tag on the canister is written with the destination and prioritized information. With the solution integration, transport time has been reduced by 50 percent. Further construction measures will follow; among other things, the hospital pharmacy will be connected by 2024.

What Unites Both Hospitals

Time-consuming transport routes on foot, by bicycle or by car are eliminated. Incorrect deliveries are minimized even during peak hours. Faster analysis results from the laboratory ensure optimal patient care. Blood bank and cytostatics transports can be validated. Reduced transport times, time savings in shipping, automatic documentation of delivery, and increased equipment availability.

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We look forward to welcoming you at the Think WIOT Day Healthcare on May 12th, 2021!

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