Global relations

Caught in the Crossfire

Could the chaos of US-China relations result in a more cohesive European Union? Interview with Prof. Dr. Sebastian Heilmann, Professor for Government and the Political Economy of China, Universität Trier

Protectionism or a national security concern?

In an era of de-globalization, political demarcation and limitation, it's easy to get overwhelmed by the nightly news and anxious about the future.

Dr. Sebastian Heilmann, Professor of Chinese political economy at Germany's University of Trier underscores the importance of finding common ground and closing the gap between continents, countries, cultures and technologies.

In an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global, Heilmann provided an overview of the current state of global relations. He also spoke on the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2019 on Oct 29th & 30th and offered insight on the choices that Europe and the rest of the world face as China exports its digital ecosystem.

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