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Introducing Dr. Parthiban

Dr. Parthiban, Head of Engineering & RF Specialist, Times-7 (Image: Times-7)

Introducing Dr. Prabakar Parthiban

Dr. Parthiban: Head of Engineering & RF Specialist at Times-7!

Times-7's Senior RF Engineer has completed four years of strenuous and in-depth research on Antennas and Microwaves.

His thesis, titled: Patch Antennas and Arrays from Non-Conventional Radio-Frequency Materials, has earned Prabakar a prestigious P.h.D. from AUT University.

06 Feb 2024 - RAIN RFID from NEW ZEALAND

Examiners joined over video call from all over the world to interrogate Dr. Parthiban's expertise. Feedback from the examiners included:

Prabakar has conducted extensive research and development work in the design, fabrication and measurement of sustainable antennas for his PhD programme. In the review, I have identified at least eight designs, which is more work than expected when compared with the number of designs expected for a PhD programme.

And the praise doesn't stop there, with another examiner stating: 

I would rank him top [in the] 15% in relation to peers at the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

20 Nov 2023 - Enhancing Airport Efficiency with RFID Technology

Times-7 is proud to have Dr. Parthiban as a part of our innovative team and we look forward to the knowledge and skill that Prabakar will bring to the future of RFID technology.

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