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Medical Fridge Manufacturer Rollex Medical Relies on UHF RFID

Global market leaders in the medical fridge industry adopt UHF RFID technology from Times-7 into their healthcare solution!

Auckland based Rollex Medical have transformed their reputable temperature monitoring fridges by installing an RFID system.

Implementation of this smart tracking technology allows monitoring of pharmaceutical products and data and gives full visibility of sell-by-dates. The medical fridge comes as an out-of-the-box solution and is designed to track vital and high-value inventory within the healthcare sector: saving time, money, and lives.

Businesses in every industry across the globe lose time and money through labour-intensive tasks such as counting stock, checking expiry dates and recording temperature data manually. It is predominant that, now more than ever, healthcare workers are incredibly busy with essential work and are having to juggle their daily workload of patients and research alongside tedious stock take, which allows human error to occur.

Without the correct system in place, errors often go unreported and effective immunisation and treatment is affected. This can result in longer recuperation time and consequent financial loses are inevitable.

The innovative product, MATOS® PLUS RFID system, was created as a collaborative with RFID experts and antenna manufacturer Times-7. The solution is designed to monitor stock levels 24/7 resulting in regimented stock rotation and reduced waste. The data the fridge notes is used to forecast inventory and human interaction is minimal as manual stocktakes and temperature datalogs are removed from day to day activities. Product recalls are easy to manage and patients are guaranteed to receive the correct medication.

Rollex Medical have been an advocator for RFID implementation for years with this idea first sparking from CEO, John Ryall, in 2017. Through strategic market research, Rollex Medical identified an empty valley in the market.

They recognized that their clients stored high-value vaccines and drugs that were critical for the health of millions of humans. Demand for vaccines and drugs is on the major increase and it is mandatory for this precious inventory to be stored at certain temperatures while keeping costs low. The company then reached out to leading innovator in UHF RFID, Times-7, for technical advice.

Design Engineer, Robby Lopez, at Times-7 says: “Working locally with another New Zealand based company was a great experience. Rollex Medical presented their issue of needing to read small liquid assets densely packed, which usually poses a challenging RFID environment. After a thorough characterization of the optimal method Times-7 came up with a solution, which vastly exceeded everyone’s expectations: With a perfect combination of tags and antenna, we were able to achieve a 100% read rate.”

Times-7 was commissioned to custom build a specialised UHF RFID antenna that could withstand cold-temperatures and have an excellent read rate despite the metallic insides.

Product developer at Rollex Medical, Alastair Comrie, speaks of the partnership:

“Rollex Medical approached Times-7 with the intention of purchasing a RFID reader and antenna for fitment into our proven pharmaceutical refrigerator. Times-7 went a step further and custom fitted bespoke antennas within our fridge chamber, and assisted in selecting the RFID tags with the best performance. The support from Times-7 in answering questions and sourcing RF information not easily searchable has been invaluable for creating our flagship RFID refrigerator, and therefore making the MATOS inventory management platform possible.”

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George Mitchell
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