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Video Inside: Introducing the Connector Protector Back Plate

Image: Times-7

Video Inside: Introducing the Connector Protector Back Plate

Adding an Extra Level of Support for the A5020 Antenna!

Have you ever wondered how to add more ruggedness and support to your A5020 antenna?

Some industrial applications require the antenna connector to be protected from knocks and hits due to moving machinery in the work environment. To provide that little bit of extra-ruggedness, Times-7 has designed a Connector Protection Backplate. Here’s a breakdown of the benefits of using the Connector Protector Back Plate explicitly designed for the Times-7 A5020 antenna.

About the A5020:

The compact, attractive A5020 antenna is made from UV-Resistant ABS and possesses the physical strength of traditional, rugged industrial antennas. Its IP68 rating makes it one of the few antennas in the RAIN (UHF) RFID market, which is fully waterproof, dustproof and corrosion-resistant. If you are looking for a rugged antenna, you would choose the A5020.

About the Connector Protection Back Plate:

The Connector Protector Backplate adds an extra level of support when using an antenna in moving environments. The backplate is easy to install as it attaches to the rear side of the antenna and bends over the connector.

Antenna Mounting Options

The Connector Protector Backplate can be flush mounted or VESA mounted.

How to flush mount:

First, you feed the cable through the slot, then attach the cable to the antenna. Align the antenna holes with the holes of the connector backplate, making it ready to be flush mounted.

How to VESA mount:

To VESA mount on an articulated bracket, you will need to align the antenna holes and feed it through the backplate using bolts to hold it together.

  • Attach the bracket using washers and nuts.
  • The Connector Protection Backplate also allows for a cable with elbow connectors to be fed through.
  • The slots on the backplate allow for cables to be attached so that the accessory cable can be routed behind the antenna or sideways.
  • The mounting holes of the A5020 support VESA spaced mounting brackets as the backplate is equipped with four mounting holes. Stay tuned for a video about the Connector Protector Backplate.

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