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Gates are set up to record goods as forklifts pass through. (Picture: Turck)

Fast Tag Detection at Warehouse Gates

Multiplex operation with external antennas on UHF RFID read/write head Q300!

The challenge of incoming and outgoing goods: In logistics, incoming and outgoing goods must be detected shortly before the trucks are loaded or unloaded.

With UHF RFID, this detection is reliable and also possible over long distances. So-called gates are set up for this purpose, which record the goods on forklifts or other industrial trucks directly as they pass through. It is helpful to work with several antennas so that all tags can be reliably detected.

However, the use of several active read/write heads can be costly. The fast alternating switching on and off of the various read/write heads is too demanding for many interfaces and error-prone at high truck speeds.

Multiplex operation for reliable recognition of tags

Turck's UHF RFID reader Q300 allows the connection of external passive antennas. The pre-programmable multiplex operation of the read/write head responds alternately to the antennas and thus ensures fast recognition of all tags on the pallets. They are reliably detected even when the forklift truck passes quickly and regardless of the position and distance of the tags to the read/write head.

The integrated I/Os of the Q300 allow direct connection of trigger signal heads or lights to signal the read status at the gate. To connect the entire gate, only one Ethernet cable needs to be routed to the gate. This minimizes the wiring effort and accelerates the installation of the RFID system.

On the Q300 with Linux or Windows operating system, middleware programs in the Net, C++ or C# languages can also be integrated directly on the read/write head. This eliminates the need for an IPC for the middleware.

Your Benefits

  • Faster tag detection compared to readers with external interface
  • Higher process reliability through feedback option for incorrectly read tags
  • Lean integration through PoE and direct integration of external middleware

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Bernd Wieseler
Bernd Wieseler
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