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Turck: New Production Facility in Europe

The Turck Group will in future implement production for the European market in Lublin, Poland, in order to shorten lengthy and costly logistics routes. (Picture: Turck)

Turck builds additional production facility in Poland

Turck Automation Technology (TAT), based in Lublin, Poland, aims to better meet the requirements of European customers and shorten supply routes.

Turck is optimizing its global supply chain structure with a new production facility in Europe. The additional production facility in Lublin in Eastern Poland, will enable the automation specialists to meet the requirements of regional markets faster and more efficiently and reduce any inefficient logistics routes.

Production in Lublin will thus include connectivity solutions for the European market, which have so far been manufactured in China or the USA and transported by ship to Europe.

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“The new site in Poland is a further step towards our goal of creating optimum structures for production, logistics and sales in the regions for Europe, Asia and America in order to ideally cover the requirements of local customers,” says Christian Wolf, managing director of the Turck Holding.

Lublin is situated 160 kilometers southeast of Poland's capital, Warsaw, and is the ninth largest city in the country with a population of over 340,000. The local educational infrastructure is fully developed with five universities and several vocational colleges.

“The Turck Automation Technology site is conveniently situated within the town ring. Almost 6,000 square meters of space for production and logistics offers us sufficient space for future growth,” Olaf Walter, the project manager at Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG who will coordinate the building of the plant in Lublin, explains the choice of location.

Turck Automation Technology Sp z o.o. is a subsidiary of Werner Turck GmbH & Co. KG, which is responsible for development and production within the Turck Group. The new plant in Lublin adds to the six production facilities of the Turck Group so far in Halver and Beierfeld, as well as in Switzerland, the USA, Mexico and China.

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