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Turck Presents Magnetic Position Sensors with IO-Link

Turck's new WIM-IOL series can detect cylinder movements precisely, from 32 to 256 mm. (Image: Turck)

Turck Presents New Magnetic Position Sensors with IO-Link

Compact Magnetic Field Sensors with Digital Interface for Measuring Ranges from 32 mm to 256 mm!

Turck has extended its offering of compact position sensors with the WIM-IOL series for detecting magnetic pistons in pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. The new series consists of eight sensors with IO-Link 1.1, covering measuring ranges from 32 to 256 mm.

07 Jul 2022 - Turck Presents New IIoT Functions for RFID Interfaces

Simplified Mounting

IO-Link and the integrated pushbutton enable users to teach the measuring range of sensors quickly and conveniently to the stroke of the pistons in the cylinder. This simplifies mounting compared to analog sensors, as these have to be fitted either exactly to the dead points or operate with correction factors in the controller. The IP67 sensors operate with a 15-bit resolution.

Applications in Plastics Processing and Automotive

Typical applications include feed detection in injection molding machines or automatic screwing machines, the positioning of the welding head with ultrasonic welding or the monitoring the foil tension in packaging machines.

Key Functions

  • Eight variants for measuring ranges from 32 mm to 256 mm
  • IO-Link 1.1
  • Fast and easy mounting from above

Your Benefits

  • Cost saving through short commissioning times
  • Variants to match different cylinder lengths
  • Adaptable for any application
  • Data supplier for industry 4.0

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