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Turck & Turck Vilant Present A Variety of Products at #WIOTtomorrow20

Turck presents solutions and products for asset tracking, smart production and intralogistics!

Turck, a global and customer-oriented company that focuses on industry-specific automation solutions has been long-time sponsor of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow. Together with its RFID turnkey solutions provider Turck Vilant Systems, Turck presents an extensive range of products and video content at the joint digital booth.

Visit Turck's digital booth and contact them directly! The expert team is happy to answer any questions you may have, from now until December 18th!

14 Sep 2023 - KEB Automation Expands Driverless Transport System With RFID

RFID Solutions from Turck and Turck Vilant

At the digital booth, Turck presents RFID solutions for production and intralogistics in video form! Check out the videos, downloads and product links at the digital booth to get a better picture of Turck's RFID Solutions for tracking inbound shipments, production processes and outbound goods.

  • RFID Solutions for Inbound Shipments
    Customers can take stock of received goods by scanning their RFID tags.
  • RFID Solutions for Production Processes
    If a new production order requires a change of material and tools, users simply need to check the RFID tag of the material container and the RFID tag at the tool.
  • RFID Solution for Outbound Goods
    Item data is saved in the cloud with Turck Vilant Systems' Visibility Manager which offers various possibilities. These include automated invoicing, ERP – automatic stock adjustments, the localization of goods and assets, alerts for the control of the flow of goods and optimization via collected data to improve business processes.

Turck offers the components to create turnkey solutions. The portfolio includes: 

  • UHF read/write heads
  • HF read/write heads
  • RFID handhelds
  • RFID interface modules for connection to automation equipment and to IIoT level
  • Compact RFID and I/O modules according to AutoID Companion Specification
  • RFID tags 

Enhancing the Supply Chain with RFID 

RFID enhances many processes in the supply chain, making them more efficient, traceable, optimizing maintenance plans and improving customer service. RFID helps a leading fertilizer company enhance their supply chain and how it opens up the possibility for a self-service store, close to its customers.  

Learn more on this topic on December 2nd from Martti Pinomaa, Busniess Development Manager, Turck Vilant Systems, in the Industrial IoT Forum.

Unmanned Store: Open 24/7 

11 Sep 2023 - IIoT Power Supply for excom I/O System from Turck

Turck Vilant Systems' RFID-enabled self-service store enables the creation of vendor managed stock rooms. These stores are open 24/7 without the need of personnel on-site. By providing instant availability of goods around the clock that never run out of stock, Turck Vilant Systems offers customers automated invoicing and better customer engagement. Learn more at the digital booth! 

Learn More About Turck & Turck Vilant's Products and Solutions Digitally!

The following products are presented in detail at the digital booth:

  • Compact RFID and I/O module
  • Compact RFID module for OPC-UA
  • Q175 UHF read/write head
  • Q120 UHF read/write head
  • Q300 UHF reader
  • TN-Q80 HF read/write head
  • Robust PD67 RFID handheld
  • RFID enabled self-service store 

Visit Turck & Turck Vilant Systems Digitally!

Find out more at the digital booth of Turck and Turck Vilant Systems. Click the “Contact us” floor tile to find additional contact information.

The digital exhibition of the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL show is already open and will be available until December 18th. You can still register here free of charge.

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