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Lecture by Turck Vilant Systems at Think WIOT Day IIoT

Robert Paulus Presents IIoT & Automotive Use Cases on December 7th

Full RFID solutions provider Turck Vilant Systems will be represented at the Think WIOT Day “Industrial IoT & Maintenance” on December 7th with an expert lecture. Robert Paulus, Business Development Manager at Turck Vilant Systems will be presenting on the topic, “RFID Tracks Materials, Inventory and Production Processes in a Car Factory”. Included in this livestream lecture are industrial and automotive use cases.

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10 Dec 2023 - Autonomous Self-Service Markets with RFID

Materials Tracking with RFID

One of the use cases presented includes the tracking of raw materials in an automotive company. Raw materials arrive at the inbound area of the facility through RFID gates which automatically receive the goods to the backend system. Forklifts that are equipped with RFID reads then transport the materials into the warehouse and the new location of the goods is automatically updated.

The next step involves the automatic scanning of the materials via fixed RFID readers at the production machines. The RFID system verifies the correct material and sends an alert to the responsible operator in case of the detection of a wrong material.

Materials are made fully traceable at each production step and consumed materials are automatically booked for replenishment initiation.

Serialized Car Parts Tracking in Production

Turck Vilant Systems also offers RFID tags and gates for the automatic identification of serialized car parts that arrive at the production line. Individually tagged car parts are matched on vehicle-level for quality and after-sales purposes.

Bumper Intralogistics

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Robert Paulus will also elaborate on a use case on the automation of a bumper production line. Car manufacturers require a real-time overview of the entire production line process, from molding to raw materials inventory, paintshop storage right up to assembly.

Find how UHF RFID enables a fully automated production line from the lecture on December 7th.

Registration is Free of Charge!

Participant accreditation to the Think WIOT Day "Industrial IoT & Maintenance" is free of charge and registration can be done here!

Find out more about ready solutions for production tracking, serialized car parts tracking, RTI management and inventory control from Turck Vilant Systems in the lecture of Robert Paulus on December 7th

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Jessica Säilä
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Martti Pinomaa
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Robert Paulus
Robert Paulus
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Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
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Alexander Dellborg
Sales Director, Northern Europe and Americas
Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany
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