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Turck Vilant Lecture: Improving Warehouse Efficiency with RFID

Martti Pinomaa Presents an RFID Use Case for Inventory Tracking at the Think WIoT Day!

Martti Pinomaa, Sales Director Central Europe & APAC, Turck Vilant Systems will give a lecture at the Think WIOT Day "Logistics and Supply Chain" on a use case involving the application of RFID in a stainless steel factory for improved stock management.

The Think WIOT Day 2021 "Logistics & Supply Chain" will take place on September 8th. The livestream conference starts at 10:00 CEST. Register Today – Participation is Free of Charge!

09 Jun 2022 - Lecture: Digitized Airport with LoRaWAN, Sensors, Big Data and AI

Improving Inventory Accuracy and Visibility with RFID

Martti Pinomaa will focus on the specific use case of RFID-enabled spare parts tracking in the warehouse of a stainless steel factory. Arriving parts are registered upon entering the warehouse, and spare parts are registered to the project in which they are used.

Manufacturers gain improved inventory accuracy through the RFID tracking and tracing solution. The result: on-demand parts are available when needed as manufacturers have an exact overview of where parts are used. New materials can be prepared in time.

Find out more about the specific use cases of RFID solutions in logistics for warehouses and manufacturing environments in the expert lecture by Martti Pinomaa on September 8th.

Main Topics of the Expert Lectures at the Think WIOT Day 2021 "Logistics & Supply Chain"

  • WIoT technologies for robust global supply chains
  • Efficient pool systems with RFID-tagged load carriers
  • RTLS with UWB generate transparent production logistics processes
  • Smart laundry with RFID saves time and costs
  • RFID and Cloud solutions to optimize hospital linen flows and costs
  • Digitalization and LoRa network integration of the airport of Istanbul

Register Today – Participation is Free of Charge!

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24 Jan 2022 - Turck Vilant Systems: 20 Years of Track & Trace

The agenda and further information of the Think WIOT Day “Logistics & Supply Chain” can be found here.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Think WIOT Days 2021!

Heiko Tiedmann
Heiko Tiedmann
Business Development Director
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Jessica Säilä
Jessica Säilä
Marketing Manager
Espoo, Finland
Martti Pinomaa
Martti Pinomaa
Business Development Manager
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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