RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2021 on October 20-21

Ubi Solutions Represented with a Lecture at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL

Renaud Munier from Ubi Solutions will hold a lecture in the Healthcare Forum on November 23rd!

The laundry industry shares the same opinion: Tracking with UHF RFID is one of the key topics of the present and the future. The suppliers speak enthusiastically about the many possibilities that tracking offers. The potential users, on the other hand, see the advantages, but most have not yet been inspired by the enthusiasm for the technology.

In his presentation on November 23rd in the Healthcare Forum, Renaud Munier explains that RFID offers more than just tracking laundry. It is also the basis for other future-oriented developments. Those who want to be inspired and recognize the opportunities must look at an RFID solution in a wider context.

Don't miss out on Renaud Munier's lecture and visit the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL! 

Automated Solutions Reduce High Labor Costs

The trend to automate and robotize processes in laundry facilities is extremely relevant in Germany, particularly because of high labor costs. Automated processes reduce the costs of the laundry company and make it more competitive. The prerequisite for an intelligent and automated laundry company is the exchange of information between all components involved: Machines, laundry items and IT systems.

Every Working Stage is Documented 

Individual work stages can be automated very quickly, for example, counting laundry or the sorting processes before or after washing. The transponders make this possible: Every machine receives precise information about every piece of laundry. What kind of laundry is it? How must it be washed? To which customers will it be delivered?  

The Database Collects All Information 

Information is assigned to a transponder by means of a unique number. Since the laundry business produces enormous amounts of data, it makes sense to prepare this data in a separate application. "Via an interface with the merchandise management system or a specific machine, the required data is exchanged. This way, for example, the capacity of the ERP system is not unnecessarily occupied by data collection, but can concentrate on its core task," says Renaud Munier.  

Newly Purchased Linens are Fitted with Transponders 

"You start with a small percentage across the customer base and increase the proportion with each new purchase. After two to five years, 100% is automatically reached. The application, which runs independently of the ERP system, makes this approach possible. The software is only responsible for tracking and is therefore able to provide reliable statistics and thus all the benefits of tracking even if the upgrade is incomplete," explains Renaud Munier.

Customers Benefit from the RFID Solution 

The application provides an overview of all data relating to all items of laundry at all times. When was each item last washed, which customer is currently assigned to it and where is it currently located? "A cloud-based solution creates transparency that can also be passed on to customers.

Customers are given their own access to the application and can see, for example, how often the laundry is used before it wears out, how much laundry is in stock where and whether hygiene regulations are being observed. The laundry's customers therefore benefit significantly," explains Renaud Munier.  

The Road to the Future  

"RFID technology paves the way to Industry 4.0 for laundry companies – the road to the future. Laundry that moves autonomously, through the laundry company, and machines that know what to do – just a few years ago that sounded like science fiction. Today, this future is already within reach. For it to become a reality, laundry companies must think beyond individual machines or transponders.

They need to be inspired by the possibilities of technology, they need to have a goal in mind and thus move purposefully towards change, perhaps even a step beyond the comfort zone," explains Renaud Munier.  

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Don't miss out on Renaud Munier's lecture and visit the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL!

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