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The Cloud Makes Solutions Lean and Effective

Ubi Solutions Focuses on Tracking & Tracing Solutions in Numerous Industries.

The added value of RFID applications does not lie in the features that enable them to operate in challenging environments, says Renaud Munier in an interview with RFID & Wireless IoT Global.

"In essence, it's about how smart the captured information is handled," says the director, International Business Development, of the French systems house Ubi Solutions.

That is why the company does not focus exclusively on a single industry or on one part of a complete RFID system.

Hotels, airlines, automotive uppliers - RFID offers advantages for all Industries

The spectrum of more than 550 UHF RFID applications implemented by the Ubi Solutions team is broad, as Renaud Munier reports:

"In a project for an automotive supplier, for example, the aim was to optimise the goods receipt of a Faurecia plant with an RFID solution. While we initially had to reject the request because the hardware did not yet have the required features at that time, we were able to solve the problem in 2017 with a newly developed reader including special algorithms. Today, Faurecia is using this solution worldwide in plants in the USA, Mexico, France, Poland, and China, among others."

Ubi Solutions also focuses on textile management with UHF RFID.

"Hotels all over the world are confronted with the challenge of opaque inventories. With our UHF RFID solutions, for example, the PPHE Hotel Group was able to eliminate the 'textile bottleneck' in 22 hotels in Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Hungary. The inventory accuracy was increased to more than 95 percent," reports Renaud Munier.

Own Cloud Solution Simplifies Data Usage

Ubi Solutions offers the complete spectrum from consulting to hardware selection - from partners or from its own development – to integration into existing systems.

"It goes without saying that the combination of hardware is one of the decisive factors for the efficiency of a solution in meeting the individual requirements," says Renaud Munier:

"But the question is: What conclusions are drawn from the data collected via RFID? To answer this question, comprehensive process know-how is required. The experts at Ubi Solutions have acquired this know-how in several hundred integrations and converted it into a high-performance cloud solution."

One Billion Events per Year

"The Ubi Cloud we have developed is a SaaS platform that provides all the tools with a total of seven components to make efficient RFID solutions practically usable. The Cloud can be used for warehouse management as well as for the geolocation of assets worldwide. The use of the Cloud makes it possible to reduce IT costs while increasing efficiency at the same time. Currently, more than one billion individual events from various applications are processed in the Cloud every year," says Renaud Munier.

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Renaud Munier
Renaud Munier
Director, International Business Development
Gennevilliers, France
Charlie Cha
Charlie Cha
International Business Development
Gennevilliers, France
Laura Millet
Laura Millet
Marketing Manager
Gennevilliers, France
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