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Best Practices for Safe Scanning

Minimising the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic!

Unitech understands that we are part of a global community and our social responsibility towards our partners and customers is paramount. Unitech, like many other businesses around the world, have taken many steps to minimise the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic in our day to day working operations.

As governments start to relax the shutdown, we also understand the need for companies to “re-open” whilst taking the uppermost care for their staff and customers. Because we care, we have created this short paper outlining some best practices to help with a safer working environment and to also give suggestions on possible solutions to reduce the risk of the spread of coronavirus.

Ethanol Safe and Anti-Microbial Devices

“Ethanol safe” allows a device or equipment to be cleaned by non-condensed alco-hol (75% to 90%) to kill or remove the germs and viruses from surfaces. Despite disinfecting equipment regularly, anti-microbial housing provides extra protection in-between each disinfection cycle. Anti-microbial housing was often omitted, and considered not critical, in the past because of regular disinfection process that was required.  

However, Covid-19 makes us understand that the virus can contaminate, stay on the surface, and be spread to the next person who will touch the device before disinfect cleaning. “Anti-microbial housing” is the answer and this material can minimise or prevent the germs and viruses from staying on the surface 

There are devices in the market, under a healthcare banner, that will offer either ethanol safe or anti-microbial housing; but not both. Unitech Healthcare devices use both housings at the same time, apart from the PA760HC that has ethanol safe casing only.  

  • Anti-Microbial: agent meets ISO 22196 standard
  • Ethanol Safe: allows a device to be cleaned by using alcohol followingISO 11737-1/-2 standard 

Best Practice for Cleaning Devices

Whether you are using Unitech HC series of products in a healthcare environment and you need to disinfect after every patient, or in a factory, warehouse or out on the road, where the device is routinely exposed to dust, dirt or grease, your device will need regular cleaning.  

The landing page above will show you how you can safely clean your Unitech HC models daily, as well as the monthly maintenance routine that will help keep your devices up and running.

Hands Free Scanning

Why handsfree? Workers in a supermarket or any retail outlet (or even other working verticals like warehousing) means staff are sharing the same scan-ner by holding and pressing the trigger to scan barcodes. These devices must also be cleaned frequently or put into “presentation mode” (in this mode the barcode device automatically recognise a barcode when it is pre-sented to the scan engine). However, it is recommended to swap out these hand-held scanners with a presentation scanner like the new PS900 or PS800 from Unitech Europe.  

If you are interested in swapping out old hand-held scanners with a presentation scanner, please contact Unitech Europe. We offer many handsfree solutions and also our MS852HC series that provides the option of wired or wireless versions. In case of wireless solution, the housing of the docking cradle also comes with anti-microbial and ethanol safe material. 

In some cases, a bluetooth pocket scanner is used in a working environment that can also be shared amongst healthcare workers, or in retail.  

Unitech highly recommends the MS925HC pocket scanner in this case as it has anti-microbial housing. Even wearable computers like the WD100 Android 7.1 with a ring scanner (like the MS652+), for warehousing tasks like picking, we would advise to invest in separate straps, lanyards or dedicated docking base for workers.  

Embedded Scanners are also a great solution for self-service and self-scanning (especially in kiosks). This helps to protect both the worker and customer by self-scanning goods, ticketing, coupons and loyalty cards (even from a mobile screen).

The kiosk (self-service/ interactive kiosk) market has a great potential to empower customers to enable them to do things on their own. Self-service kiosks have made breakthrough progress, and this can be seen in their expansive, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions that strike the right chord with consumers. Unitech Europe offers many solutions here also, ranging from: 1D (ES910), 2D (ES920) and high performance 2D (ES922). All three are specifically designed for embedded kiosk solutions.

We have also just launched the ES700 (7.5cm) and ES800 (16cm) 2D embedded scanning screens – perfect for retail solutions. These solutions, in a strong grow-ing embedded segment, are both affordable and highly performant devices, that enable users to be able to self-scan items when needed – safely. Contact Unitech Europe regarding any of the possible presentation or embedded products.

Approved Cleaning Agents for Unitech HC (Healthcare) devices only:

The cleaning agent must contain active ingredients from the following list:

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Mild dish soap
  • Ammonium Chloride
  • Ammonia solutions
  • Acetone
  • Ketones
  • Aqueous or alcoholic alkaline solutions
  • Ethanolamine

Cleansers that contain any active ingredients not listed above should NOT be utilised.

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