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Victor Buck Services is a New Supplier on the RFID & Wireless IoT Search Engine!

Image: Victor Buck Services

Victor Buck Services is a New Supplier on RFID & Wireless IoT Search

Eco-Friendly Printed Electronics Reducing the Carbon Footprint!

Victor Buck Services, a service provider based in Luxembourg was established in 2000. The company offers a one-stop-shop for customer communication services, content services and document outsourcing services that enables its partners to implement a global approach with local reach.

New at the company and part of the product portfolio: Eco-friendly antennas and inlays for RFID and NFC tags, along with BLE and other IoT inlays!

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Paper-Based Inlays

In contribution towards a greener, more sustainable future, Victor Buck Services now offers a state-of-the-art dry printing process that reduces polluting waste in production of inlays. The company has been active in the paper and printing industry for 20 years. In autumn 2019, the FSC certified company launched an initiative to print electronics – namely sustainable smart antennas and inlays – on recyclable paper substrates.

Large quantities of inlay antennas are produced and delivered quickly from Luxembourg, efficiently saving valuable resources. Victor Buck Services' recent breakthrough in the printed electronics industry involves a recyclable paper substrate.

This way, actors in the Food, Retail, Pharmaceutical, or Document Management Segments pursuing a zero plastics objective will be able to reduce their carbon footprint in line with implementing the latest IoT technologies. However, a wide variety of other substrates, such as PET, or Teslin are supported as needed. 

Tailored Design 

Victor Buck Services offers customized inlays that meet customer requirements. They can be integrated in smart applications that offer great opportunities for data collection and monitoring, intellectual property protection, real-time consumer experience and product tracking.

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The innovative company specializes in the design of custom inlays and provides customers with the appropriate technology, from RFID (UHF and HF), to NFC, to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and other electronic devices on a project bases!  

The ICs and other SMT placements are mounted via pick and place production processes developed by Victor Buck Services. The company is also able to print more sophisticated special inlays, offering the possibility to equip additional sensors, transistors and active components for the Internet of Things.  

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Joachim Priem
Joachim Priem
Business Development Manager
Capellen, Luxembourg
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Scott Garlick
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Capellen, Luxembourg
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