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Visitor registration made easy with UHF hardware from iDTRONIC

Accurate visitor tracking with UHF-RFID!

The company ID.Conference is essentially an event management platform for organizers and participants. The ID.Conference team has been working together for six years. During this time, 120 events were supported and more than 50,000 participants were accredited. Now ID.Conference simplified the organization of events and enhanced the registration and the optional tracking of the attendees with UHF hardware from iDTRONIC.

With the help of an UHF RFID terminal, the entrance and leaving of the attendees is recorded automatically and in particular the participation in the lectures is measured. The attendees have to register priorly via an online platform. On the day of the exhibition, the attendees get a batch with UHF RFID function, which is automatically captured by the RFID terminals. 

The new UHF RFID solution was used at the CompTIA ChannelCon 2018 conference. The UHF RFID tracking system provided fast and accurate real-time tracking of the attendees and, thanks to a reading range of one and a half metres, queuing was avoided. In case a badge could not be read, it was indicated by a red light.

Analysis options included

The movement data are automatically transfered to an evaluation system which enables the analysis for future events. The ID.Conference's registration terminals are equipped with Idtronic's UHF RFID antennas. The solution uses the Idtronic UHF Embedded Module M950 and the UHF Patch Antenna A901.

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Patrick Kochendörfer
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