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Wiliot Presents New Mr. Beacon Podcast Episode Featuring Tadbik

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Wiliot Presents New Mr. Beacon Podcast Episode Featuring Tadbik

Mr. Beacon Episode 154: Tag "Convertors" in the IoT"

Wiliot has released its new Mr. Beacon podcast episode starring David Beit-On, Head of Sales & Business Development of Tadbik. This episode, moderated by Steve Statler, SVP of Marketing at Wiliot, is titled "Tag Converters in the IoT: How Tadbik are Creating Tags with Big Potential".

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In their role as a “converter”, Tadbik have been at the forefront of creating tags and connected packaging with RFID, NFC & BLE. Industry veteran David Beit-on, who heads up Tadbik’s business operations in Germany, explains the role of the converter in the world of IoT.

David shines a light on what solution designers need to consider when adding auto-ID tags to “things.” In the podcast, Steve and David will discuss Tadbik’s role as a pioneer in this space and then get their perspective on their work with Wiliot on battery-free Bluetooth. The question of which use cases have some of the biggest potential in this new world of massive IoT will be also answered in this episode. A big highlight: the impact of the Wiliot IoT Pixel at Israel's largest retailer Shufersal! In this episode, you'll learn more about Wiliot and Tadbik's role in this huge project.

What else is on the agenda?

What exactly is a converter? What are the three main things that make every single RFID inquiry unique? What are "in mold" technologies? What was Tadbik's role in the development of the Wiliot IoT Pixel?

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The answers to these questions can be found in the episode 154 of Mr. Beacon!

At the end of the episode, Steve and David have something unique planned, so stay tuned until the very end for the special Easter Egg!

Watch the podcast episode here!

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