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Livestream: New IoT Trends 2023 for Retail & Agriculture

Enhance Supermarkets, Warehouses and Supply Chain with the IoT

What are the IoT trends 2023 in retail, food logistics and agriculture? How does technology help to increase profits, customer experience and supply chain transparency? The answers awaited on Janaury 25th.. A livestream showcased real use cases, best practice and trends.

19 Mar 2024 - Livestream: Unlocking the Power of IoT in Logistics

Experts Presented Real IoT Use Cases and Best Practice

Over 140 viewers attended the livestream. For the first time, the livestream was also rebroadcasted for viewers in the Americas and Asia. They all learned how to optimize retail, food logistics and agricultural businesses with IoT technology. Seven experts explained how it works.

Lecture topics included:

  • FMCG tracking and temperature monitoring with recyclable transport packaging.
  • Grocery retail automation and RFID-enabled self-service stores. 
  • 5G applications in supermarkets and food logistics.
  • Tracking wine cases with Sigfox and LoRaWAN.
  • How to make warehouse logistics efficient with RFID and UWB.
  • Blockchain and NFTs for product authentication.
  • How IoT sensors help to improve animal health and well-being.

The Think WIOT Group would like to thank all participants for taking part in the first livestream of 2023. Special thanks to the speakers Alexey Dubrovin, Dr. Jussi Nummela, Andreas Kranabitl, Nicolas Moulin, Johannes Rudenko, Jari Vogels and Lucas Henning for their insightful lectures.

Recordings will be available soon / are available here!

Next Livestream: Logistics, Supply Chain and Construction

15 Feb 2024 - 5. Think Day Livestream 2024: Wireless IoT Technologies

One livestream concludes, but the next is already on the horizon. More exciting lectures await on February 22nd. The topic will be logistics, supply chain and construction industry. Click here to see the agenda for February 22nd!

Viewers will learn more about:

  • Track & Trace with RFID, NFC and QR codes
  • Logistics with miniaturized Bluetooth computers
  • Route planning with AI systems
  • Replenishment control with tagged KLT boxes
  • Parcel logistics with RFID shipment tracking
  • RFID-enabled forklifts and AMRs in the warehouse
  • Construction equipment tracking with LoRaWAN
  • Construction monitoring with LoRaWAN and drones
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Interested in giving a lecture at a Think WIOT Day livestream? Book your lecture here!

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