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Comprehensive Hygiene Concept for RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020

What Measures are Currently Enforced for Health Protection?

The comprehensive hygiene concept for the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 complies with the required health protection measures! In coordination with the health authorities, comprehensive and effective rules and regulations have been established to ensure safe participation and secure networking in the darmstadtium.

The set of rules and regulations has already been submitted to the public health department for final approval.

22 Nov 2023 - RFID & Wireless IoT Global 03-2023

The Basis of the Concept: Code of Conduct for All Participants and Exhibitors

The code of conduct is essentially for all visitors, exhibitors and employees: The renunciation of handshakes – frequent hand hygiene – adhering to the minimum social distance – wearing nose-mouth covers at designated places. The installation of the Corona-Warn-App is highly recommended for German participants and exhibitors.

Please only visit the event if you are healthy!

Increased Floor Space for the Exhibition

The floor plan has been adapted and the floor space expanded. Furthermore, all aisle widths have been considerably increased in order to facilitate comfortable communications with the exhibitors. Every exhibitor will receive surface disinfectants from the event organizers for the continuous hygienic cleaning of furniture and exhibitor booths.

Networking Tables with Protective Screens

Additional space with networking tables allow exhibitors to hold discussions with visitors and clients outside of the booth. The networking tables are equipped with protective screens and will be placed at the required distance from one another. These areas will be cleaned regularly.

Available Free-of-Charge

11 Jul 2023 - RFID & Wireless IoT Global 02-2023

Mouth and nose covers, along with optional disposable gloves, will be made available free-of-charge to all participants. These will be provided at the entrance area and at other designated locations in the exhibition hall. Additional hand disinfectant dispensers will be set up throughout the exhibition.

Registration and Information Counters

Plastic protective screens guarantee safe and secure procedures at the registration and information counters.

Safe and Secure Conduct of the Conference

The conference will take place in large forum rooms with sufficient distance between the seats. Parliamentary seating will ensure the adherence to the general minimum distance required and mouth-nose protection can be removed while seated. Lunch will also take place in the forum room.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay motivated! We look forward to welcoming you in person at the darmstadtium!

It's Never Too Late!

Interested in ordering a booth at the #wiottomorrow20. Please feel free to send your inquiries to Niklas Van Bocxlaer.

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