RFID & Wireless IoT Global Issue 04-2022
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Innovative Laser Printing Applications from Lexmark at #WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL

Lexmark will again be present together with TUND as exhibitor and speaker at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL!

For the third year in a row, Lexmark is exhibiting its RFID color and multifunction printers at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow:

With Lexmark's RFID Laser Printing, manufacturers can program, customize and print RFID labels and tags with a color laser printer or multifunction device. The RFID transponders are also described in a single operation. The customized solution combines Lexmark's printing expertise in electronic forms, color printing and specialty media with advanced RFID technology.

The result is an "all-in-one" color laser printer or multifunction printer (MFP) for labels and RFIDs.

02 Feb 2023 - Sustainably Closing the Technology Gap to 6G

Printing and Coding with Lexmark Printers

Peter Albrecht, Industry Consultant Manufacturing, Lexmark explains:

"We will be demonstrating the encoding and printing of Global Transport Labels for the automotive industry, reusable RFID tickets for event management and RFID-tagged running numbers for sporting events at our booth in Darmstadt. A high degree of flexibility can be achieved with RFID color printers and multifunction printers from Lexmark. Up to four different formats can be operated in parallel - in duplex as well as in color".

Lecture in the "Automotive" Forum on Laser Printing Applications

In the lecture, "Intelligent Print Media for Laser Printers" on December 1st, Peter Albrecht, together with TUND Managing Director Alexander Deduchin-Steiger, will provide details and insights into labeling applications using state-of-the-art laser printing technology for standard-compliant use in automotive production and logistics. The goal: To advance automation and save costs.

Be There Digitally!

Visit the digital booth of Lexmark and TUND, check out the laser printer solutions and take part in the presentation of Peter Albrecht & Alexander Deduchin-Steiger.

22 Dec 2022 - RFID & Wireless IoT Global 04-2022

we look forward to seeing you at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL from November 23rd until December 18th!


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