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#WIOTtomorrow20 DIGITAL: Wirepas Co-Exhibits with ELA Innovation

Wirepas lectures in the “Wireless IoT Technology” Forum!

Thomas Weisshaupt, Wirepas Business Owner D-A-C-H, will hold a presentation in the “Wireless IoT Technology” Forum on November 30th on the topic “How to Install RTLS for 100,000 Square Meters in One Day“.

Wirepas Mesh, a IoT connectivity software, is the only technology that allows an unlimited number of devices to create a network. This includes battery-powered devices as well. This mesh network can be sparse or extremely dense, with up to a thousand devices within a cubic meter.

22 Nov 2023 - RFID & Wireless IoT Global 03-2023

“Wireless IoT Technology” Forum: Wirepas Mesh Communication Protocol

The presentation by Thomas Weisshaupt will be highlighting how the design principles of the Wirepas Mesh communication protocol and the open ecosystem approach lead to the emergence of affordable, large scale, reliable and low-power RTLS solutions. Wirepas will demonstrate how a battery operated long-lasting infrastructure for asset tracking can be easily installed without involving planning or radio experts in the installation process during the presentation.

Wirepas Ecosystem at the Digital Exhibition

Wirepas is providing an enabling communication technology that relies on a team-play of ecosystem partners. Today, more than 150 companies worldwide are part of the rapidly growing community. Wirepas co-exhibits with device provider ELA Innovation who has long-term experience leveraging Wirepas technology to the max. Both companies plan to showcase a live installation of an end-2-end asset localization solution.

Combining Various Use Cases in One Infrastructure

The use cases Wirepas partners cover mostly require massive scale, low-power IoT networks. The solutions boost efficiency in the following areas:

  • Real Time Location for Assets and People
  • End-2-end logistics
  • Connected lighting
  • Wireless condition monitoring (Industry 4.0)

The advantages become apparent when combining related use cases – e.g. connected lights can by default serve as an anchor infrastructure for asset tracking as well as for a bidirectional data transport channel for sensor data.

Be There Digitally!

11 Jul 2023 - RFID & Wireless IoT Global 02-2023

Visit the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL from November 23rd until December 18th!

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