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Xminnov will attend the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020

Image: Xminnov

Xminnov will attend the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL

Highlight at the Booth: RFID Temperature Sensor Tags!

Xminnov will be participating at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 DIGITAL as an exhibitor the second year in a row!

The company is dedicated – under the special circumstances regarding COVID-19 – to research and develop RFID temperature sensor tags suitable for a variety of applications.

RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020

Digitalization and networking, automation and industry 4.0 - visions, transformations and concepts that have one thing in common: They are based on state-of-the-art technologies. RFID, NFC, BLE, UWB, LPWAN, RTLS, 4G/5G and sensor technology are the enablers of optimized processes in industry, logistics, healthcare, retail, smart cities and customer interaction. Wireless IoT technologies connect both physical and digital worlds – securely, effectively, with sustainable cost savings and high performance.

The RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow event covers all aspects of implementing solutions with a promising future.

The tags are based on NFC technology, intelligent temperature sensors and printed batteries. By attaching the tag to an armpit or arm, the body temperature is measured and recorded in real-time. All the collected data is stored in a cloud-based platform for accurate monitoring and analysis.

The unique code UID can be scanned via mobile phone. With the help of cloud competing and big data, monitoring temperature and location is implemented simultaneously.

The RFID and NFC dual frequency tags provide high resolution accuracy, up to ± 0.5 degrees. More than 20.000 offline readings and data storage are possible. The paper battery assisted tag will last for one year. The tag is suitable for non-metallic, as well as on-metal applications. The temperature recording interval is tailored to the customer. A graphical user interface (GUI) for displaying temperature and date of time is integrated.

Possible Applications

  • Logistics, Supply Chain & Digital Warehouse Management in real-time temperature trace-ability
  • Medicine Management under right temperature: Monitoring medical drugs, blood, vaccines, reagents to ensure good quality
  • Storage of perishable food items with fixed temperature like drinks, seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables
  • Measuring fixed temperature in unmanned supermarkets inside, cold chains transport containers, including offline storage of temperature, time savings, and quality control
  • Equipment Management under right temperature: voltage cable connector, and knife-gate switch of power system may cause problems, such as aging of equipment, surface oxidation, corrosion, and loosening of bolts in long-term operation. Coupled with long-term high-load operation of power equipment, it is easy to cause temperature anomalies. If it is not detected in time, it may cause safety accidents such as melting, burning, and even explosion.

To learn more visit Xminnov at the RFID & Wireless IoT tomorrow 2020 digital exhibition from November 23rd until December 18th!

You want to participate in #wiottomorrow20?

Contact us for the reservation of a booth at the #wiottomorrow20. Please send your inquiries to Niklas Van Bocxlaer.

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