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Interview: The M2Smart®SE Modular Handheld for the Industry

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Interview: The M2Smart®SE Modular Handheld for the Industry

Andreas Zwißler, Managing Director of ACD Elektronik in an Interview!

The M2Smart®SE is a modular handheld developed by ACD Elektronik, an ACD Group company. After four years of development work, the device was launched on the market in 2020. The functionalities of the basic device are continuously expanded with new module developments. ACD Elektronik’s Managing Director Andreas Zwißler explains in an interview which advantages the M2Smart®SE offers for industrial applications.

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1. Mr. Zwißler, what are the special features of the M2Smart®SE?

Andreas Zwißler: A special feature is the modularity. The device has a patented sliding mechanism. Modules are attached through this mechanism – for example, for reading UHF, HF or LF RFID. The module can be changed without tools.

2. For which applications is the handheld designed?

Zwißler: The target group for the M2Smart®SE is industry. Areas of application include work processes in warehouse and production logistics. The device is designed for long operating times of up to thirteen years and is correspondingly robust. Thanks to its modularity, customer-specific device adaptations and modules can also be implemented.

3. For which markets is the M2Smart®SE certified?

Zwißler: The handheld has been approved for Europe since its market launch in mid-2020. In the meantime, it is available internationally. Certification for the USA and Canada as well as China has been available since 2022. In addition, further certifications can be offered individually.

4. How is the operating system adapted to the requirements of the industry?

Zwißler: The M2Smart®SE uses the Android™ Industrial+ operating system. The special feature: all Google Mobile Services have been removed. Data leakage to third parties is eliminated. This increases the security of the operating system for industrial use.

5. What are the advantages of the handheld's modularity?

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Zwißler: Thanks to its modularity, the device is suitable for reading both barcodes and RFID tags. Users can cover multiple technologies such as LF, HF and UHF RFID with just one device. In addition, the integration of customer-specific electronics is possible.

6. What are the latest modules for the M2Smart®SE?

Zwißler: In cooperation with a tire manufacturer, a new UHF RFID module was developed. With this, UHF RFID tags integrated in tires can be read from a range of five centimeters.

In addition, a module for plant operation has been developed. This converts the M2Smart®SE into a wireless operating device. The module has an emergency stop and a three-stage enabling switch. This enables the safe operation of machines, vehicles and plants.

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