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Anja Van Bocxlaer
Anja Van Bocxlaer

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Published by the Think WIOT Group!

The Early 2000s

In 2004, Verlag & Freie Medien, now the Think WIOT Group, launched the German print magazine RFID im Blick.

At that time, the main focus was on the traceability of goods, access control, and labeling and identification with RFID technology. Metal and water were hostile environments, UHF was not yet state-of-the-art, RFID and sensor technology were mere visions and experts predicted that it would be a long time before RFID would become widespread.

RFID is now an established technology in numerous automation and digitalization projects. The trend is rising.

Internationalization and Wireless IoT (WIOT)

Since 2016, the publishing house has no longer focused primarily on RFID, but on wireless IoT technologies. These include: LPWAN, BLE, NFC, RTLS, UWB, 5G, wireless sensor technology and ORM. RFID is now one of many wireless technologies.

The first English-language magazine Wireless IoT Global was also published in 2016. The Think WIOT Group is now experiencing its strongest growth in Asia and North America.

Think WIOT Group

The publishing house has diversified since 2017.

Today, the portfolio includes two topic-oriented e-magazines, two information platforms, a partner network for more than 70 companies, regular livestreams, video interviews, an end user conference, and joint booths at the Wireless IoT tomorrow.

All activities take place under the umbrella of the Think WIOT Group.

20 Years Later

Supply chains are transparent, processes in the warehouse can be mapped in real time as a digital twin, Manufacturing X achieves a high level of connectivity, big data and transparency, wireless sensor technology, data glasses, robotics and AI expand the applications.

The technologies are developing more rapidly than the implementations.

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