UWB and Sensors in Healthcare

Lecture from Dag Wisland, Novelda, part of the UWB Alliance
Lecture from Dag Wisland, Novelda, part of the UWB Alliance

Groundbreaking Innovation in Healthcare: The Human Presence Detector


Child Presence Detection with UWB

Speaker: Dag Wisland, Co-Founder & CTO of Novelda, a Board Member of the UWB Alliance

Title: UWB and Sensing in Healthcare Settings


    • Healthcare solutions powered by UWB technology and sensors
    • Introduction to a Human Presence Detector based on UWB technology
    • In-car Child Presence Detection (CPD) and driver monitoring

Dag Wisland presents healthcare solutions powered by UWB technology. Specifically, they introduce Novelda’s Human Presence Detector. This is a groundbreaking innovation which uses an UWB short-range impulse radar transceiver “System on Chip” (SoC). In healthcare settings, it can be coupled with an alarm system and used for in-car Child Presence Detection (CPD) and driver monitoring. Novelda is recognized as the world leading authority on Ultra-Wideband (UWB) short-range radar sensor design.

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 05-2023: Healthcare + Security + Laundry Management + Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: 15th November 2023

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