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Wireless IoT Use Cases, Trends & Best Practice
Think Wireless IoT Day 01-2024 on March 27th
Think WIOT Days 01-2024 Logistics: Topics
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Brenda Brady & Lisa Moore
RFID Experts and Sales Directors, HID
Effortless Precision: RFID-Enabled Asset Tracking strategies in Supply Chain
  • RFID Benefits in Supply Chain Management: Gain comprehensive insights into the advantages brought about by the integration of RFID technology in supply chain operations, focusing on its transformative impact on operational efficiency.
  • Practical Integration Approaches: Explore diverse form factors and attachment options, tailoring the implementation to suit the specific needs of your operations.
  • Enhancing Data Precision and Visibility: Learn how this technology reshapes asset tracking, data accuracy and visibility by providing real-time information for informed decision-making.
  • Real-world examples: Hear about problem-solving applications of RFID, delivering visibility, efficiency, and security enhancements.
  • Modern Supply Chain: Explore how RFID enables advanced efficiency modeling and innovation for unparalleled operational optimization in the modern supply chain
Ideas Control
Patricia Ramirez Granados
Executive Director, Ideas Control
Colombian Refrigerator Manufacturer Imbera Cooling Utilizes RFID for Track and Trace Applications
  • RFID Technology in the Colombian Refrigeration Industry: Exploration of the success story of a Colombian refrigerator manufacturer that has adopted RFID technology to optimize its operations.
  • Benefits and Challenges of RFID Implementation: Take a closer look of  the tangible benefits obtained and the challenges faced in the implementation of RFID in the current context of Imbera in Colombia.
  • Supply Chain Transformation: Discover how RFID implementation has revolutionized the supply chain, improving efficiency and visibility at every stage.
  • Accuracy and Quick Response: Detailed analysis of how our innovative solution has increased accuracy in product tracking, providing a faster and more effective response to market demands.
Accentec Technologies
Volkmar Kunerth & Gary Kent Ramsey
CEO & Co-Founder, Accentec Technologies and Guest Speaker
Leveraging IoT for Enhanced Logistics Efficiency
  • Brief overview of IoT in logistics
  • Value Drivers of IoT in Logistics: Emphasis on worker enablement, process acceleration, and optimized delivery outcomes
  • Capabilities Introduced by IoT: Accelerated processes, improved asset and inventory visibility, simplified tasks
  • Sensor to Gateway communications protocols for different Logistics Processes and their Implications
  • Case studies on implementation design, cost reduction, and throughput acceleration
Christophe Duc
RFID Initiative and Service Model Leader, Car Manufacturers & Distribution, Michelin
How Can Connecting Tires Support the Tire Circular Economy?
  • End-of-life tires (ELT) are globally well collected. However their sorting has until now been very manual and exhausting.
  • Automatization and digitalization start to drastically change that by improving ergonomics and value and supporting the development of new recycling streams. An example made at REGOM will be shared.
  • RFID in tires and standard access to data will further unlock possibilities, fostered by the coming Digital Product Passport for tires in Europe, and its CIRPASS2 Pilot starting May 2024.
  • There will be no circular economy in tires without RFID.


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