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Healthcare + Security + Laundry Management + Wireless IoT Technologies
Think Wireless IoT Day 05-2023 on November 15th

Important Questions in Difficult Times!

Invitation to the international livestream on November 15th from 11:30 to 14:30 CET - in English.

Which Technologies are Driving the Industry Forward? How are Companies Transforming and Becoming Digital?

Expert speakers offer all participants their expertise, their practical experiences and the latest research results. They answer questions in the livestream and respond directly to all participants. Two moderators will accompany the livestream. An end user explains a current project in a live interview.

Conclusion: A diverse program + first-hand expertise + questions in the livestream.

Topics on the Agenda:

  • RFID-enabled implants and prostheses
  • On-skin RFID tags and wristbands for patients
  • Asset and patient locating with RTLS
  • Sterile goods supply with RFID, AI and computer vision
  • Temperature control of sensitive pharmaceutical products
  • NFC labels against medicine counterfeiting
  • Laundry logistics with RFID
  • Cloud-based solutions for user authentication
  • Equipment maintenance with sensors

In cooperation with:

  • Elatec
  • HID
  • Zebra Technologies
  • RFID Canada
  • Novelda, a UWB Alliance Board Member
  • deister electronic
Think WIOT Day Movies
Zebra Technologies
Wayne Miller
Director, EMEA Healthcare Practice, Zebra Technologies
Hull University Teaching Hospital Advances Patient Care with RTLS and RFID Solutions
  • The largest RFID for RTLS healthcare deployment in Europe
  • Optimizing the management, and track and trace of key medical equipment
  • Real-time localization of cricital medical equipment
  • RFID in use in the ICU
  • Increasing asset visibility and decreasing staff search times
Burhan Gündüz
Vice President Business Development EMEA, Elatec
SMART Hospital - Security Solutions & Passwordless Authentication Methods
  • A day in the life of a doctor, seamless access and enhanced security through RFID and smartphone credentialing systems.
  • Live demonstration of identifier: Thales FiDO token, Infrafon IoT badge, Nymi bio wristband and Loop mobile credentials
  • Life demonstration of applications: Sesamsec access control, EvolutionID PC logon and Lexmark + Triumph Adler secure printing and TANlock server rack lock
Kristian Granhaug and Dag Wisland
Technology Strategist and Co-Founder & CTO of Novelda, a Board Member of the UWB Alliance
UWB and Sensing in Healthcare Settings
  • Healthcare solutions powered by UWB technology and sensors
  • Introduction to a Human Presence Detector based on UWB technology
  • In-car Child Presence Detection (CPD) and driver monitoring
deister electronic
Martin Hartwigsen
Sales & Marketing Manager, deister electronic
Nordland Hospital in Norway Deploys Laundry Management with an RFID Room Solution. Objectives: To Improve Logistics, Equipment and Reduce Shrinkage
  • Deployment of a central room solution with an RFID-based access and identification system at Nordland Hospital
  • Improving logistics, equipment and reducing shrinkage in the hospital
  • Reducing textile waste and optimizing fire safety
  • Automated registration of hospital staff and employees in the laundry room
RFID Canada
Khaled Elshimy
CEO, RFID Canada
Enabling Realtime Visibility on Assets & Consumables in a Hospital with a Maintenance-free Solution in 170 Zones
  • Full stack solution for hospital transformation including software, hardware and services from a single provider while seamless integration with internal ERP systems and third-party applications. 
  • Precision at every level through segmenting zones into sub-zones for granular asset visibility, allowing real-time localization.
  • Cost-effective real-time localization through implementing maintenance-free RFID tags that cover all assets to ensure real-time inventory visibility and distribution of assets.
  • Direction detection, real-time visibility, full tracking and inventory monitoring of assets and consumables achieved across the hospital through dynamic dashboards and reports.
  • Streamlined asset management through tagging every asset in the hospital with a pre-encoded RFID tag, consequently the middleware automatically captures asset information from the ERP system. This creates a comprehensive traceability history, integrated with the hospital's ERP.
Kerry Brock
Head of IOTS Healthcare, HID
Duress & Infant Security in Healthcare with the Help of RTLS
Hospitals and related healthcare institutions experience an increased need to protect their staff and patients from workplace assaults. In addition, fulfilling compliance and audit demands to avoid errors in the work process can benefit from active or passive RFID solutions to locate assets, provide access control, alerting and workflow logistics.


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