Anatoli Stobbe, Founder und CEO, deister electronic
deister electronic

For nearly 40 years, deister electronic has been renowned for its innovative products and solutions for identification and security of people, resources, and buildings.

  • Innovative products and solutions for LF, HF, UHF, and microwave
  • High quality standards, made in Germany
  • Excellent support and training

At deister electronic, innovation doesn’t start with an idea, but with the deep understanding of the customer’s needs. We make a point understanding our customers in order to approach their requests in the best possible way. Hence our ideas are always based on specific needs, which we carefully analyze and think all the way through. We are proud to be a family business and act accordingly. To us that means assuring long term growth and focussing on the continued existence of the company rather than just concentrating on what number is below the bottom line. For us the word ‚family’ is to be taken literally and thus family values are also our company value.

Anatoli Stobbe, Founder und CEO, deister electronic

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deister electronic

Experts in RFID technology

For nearly 40 years deister electronic has been famous for its innovative products and solutions for identification and security of people, assets and buildings using and inventing RFID technology.

Our product portfolio is used in the management of keys and valuables, vehicle identification and access control as well as logistics and automation.

We develop, produce and sell our products worldwide and our local subsidiaries create the perfect solutions together with our customers.

We rise to the challenge, day by day and year after year. We are proud of our German art of engineering with which we successfully approach the challenging projects in the security industry.

Access Control technology & asset management

Controlling who has access to your building and knowing quickly who, when and where your assets are means you are always in control – and everything is accounted for.

Keys, tools, radios, test equipment, laptops and much more can be managed automatically and efficiently so you know that the equipment is ready to go.

Identify laundry, vehicles, employees and manage access to sensitive areas, equipment or information.

Plan ahead by integrating detailed real-time information on all assets and production processes into your system – whether in industry, logistics, healthcare, retail, security or the public sector.

deister electronic starts operating in Spain

deister electronic, a German manufacturer of high-end solutions for building security and automation, has joined the Spanish market as part of its expansion strategy in southern Europe. A new office has opened in Madrid led by Jesús Garzón as Country Manager for Spain and Portugal.

Inside Sales Team

Barsinghausen, Germany