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Optimizing Laundry Management with deister electronic Solutions

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Optimizing Laundry Management with deister electronic Solutions

Cabinet and Room Solutions for More Transparency and Cost Efficiency

For hospitals and care facilities, the manual management of uniforms is often a challenge. The return of the linen is often delayed on the part of the employees. As a result, the laundry quota exceeds the actual demand. Nevertheless, the appropriate sizes are often not available. RFID-based textile management solutions from deister electronic solve this problem. They optimize inventory management and ensure greater employee satisfaction.

  • Access around the clock
  • All garments are RFID tagged
  • Clothes can be dispensed in under five seconds
  • Availability of suitable clothing guaranteed

23 Jan 2024 - tranSpeed® Vehicle and Long-Range Identification from deister electronic

Diverse Offer for Textile Management

deister electronic offers laundry dispensing cabinets, return cabinets and supply rooms. The aim of the solutions is to automate manual, time-consuming laundry management where possible.

Laundry dispensing cabinets enable the decentralized dispensing of textiles at several locations. They thus reduce the travel times of employees enormously. The TCD 200 dispensing cabinet can hold around 200 garments. Return cabinets can also be placed decentrally. The TCR 50 allows the return of approximately 50 garments, the TCR 300 of up to 300.

Laundry rooms (texRooms) provide a large amount of laundry and are a centralized solution.

Laundry Tracking with RFID

Access to the dispensing systems is granted via integrated RFID readers, to which users hold their RFID IDs. The removed laundry is credited to the users' account via RFID tags sewn into the fabric.

12 Dec 2023 - Laundry Management via an RFID Room Solution

Return cabinets also have an RFID reader. It captures the tags of returned garments, which are then deleted from the users' account. Access permissions are easily managed via software.

The room solution includes the tamper-proof turnstile texCarousel. Users identify themselves when entering and leaving the room. Clothing carried along is automatically captured and accounted for in the revolving doors.

The turnstile also functions in the event of a power failure. It has an emergency stop switch, which allows the brakes to be released and the room to be exited at any time.

Advantages: 24/7 Availability and More

Hospitals can reduce their clothing inventory, save significant costs, and even increase the availability of matching sizes in the process. Removal of garments is very quick and clear, which increases employee satisfaction. Shrinkage and loss of garments is noticeably reduced.

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