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RFID Mini Turns Smartphone into Powerful RFID Reader

Image: Apulsetech

RFID Mini Turns Smartphone into Powerful RFID Reader

Apulsetech Introduces Small Mobile UHF RFID Reader

  • Attaches to the back of smartphones like a Griptok
  • Connected via USB-C
  • No battery – uses power from connected device
  • Read range of up to 10 cm

RFID offers businesses countless ways to inject visibility into supply chain, save costs, and deliver a better customer experience. Using your own mobile phone as an RFID reader is for sure the most convincing of these ways. Korean reader specialist Apulsetech shows how RFID Mini instantaneously turns any smartphone or tablet into a powerful RFID reader.

09 Oct 2023 - Apulsetech for Secure Access to Busan Port

Introducing RFID Mini

RFID Mini is a mini-size RFID reader with a sophisticated design to connect to a mobile phone. It measures only 6.9 x 6.9 cm and is a little over 4 cm thick. Its shape simulates that of a Griptok: the small ‘foot’ of the reader attaches to the phone magnetically and, whilst in use, lends additional comfort in holding the phone. The RFID functionality is created with a short USB-C cable.

How RFID Mini Works

RFID Mini can read and write RFID tag information for items by connecting to a mobile phone via USB-C. There is no battery in the product itself, as it uses power from a mobile phone, tablet, or PC which it can also be connected with. Battery management therefore is not required. It works at 865 – 868 MHz/ 902 – 928 MHz.

Once RFID Mini is connected, an application window pops up. The reading range depends on the tags being used and is up to 10 cm. Tags within that scope are read within seconds. RFID Mini indicates that it is capturing tags by emitting a beeping noise, which allows for controlling its proper functioning.

Ideal Application Areas

RFID Mini can be used to register or verify goods in commercial facilities or government offices. It is extremely quick to set up and has an attractive price point. It is particularly suitable for inventory management in retail environments, for pharmaceutical asset management in healthcare setting, for document management in archives and libraries, and for small business asset management.

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Christy Cho
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Robin Jang
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