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Apulsetech for Secure Access to Busan Port

Image: Apulsetech

Apulsetech for Secure Access to Busan Port

UHF RFID Reader Deployed in Port Access Control

  • α312 captures unique vehicle IDs
  • Only authorized vehicles enter port area
  • Read range up to 25 meters
  • To be rolled out to all ports and airports

Busan Port is the largest port in South Korea and one of the largest ports in terms of container transshipment in the world. Easy access to the port of Busan between Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong contributes to its tremendous growth. Korea’s very own tech specialist Apulsetech is providing an access solution to the port area using fixed UHF RFID readers.

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New Growth at Busan Port

Busan New Port which was opened in 2006, is currently being expanded from 23 to 45 berths by 2030 and is meant to become a ‘smart port’. The North Port area, which was the original old port, is being re-branded as a tourist area and developed as a new commercial business district with maritime culture zones and IT and video exhibitions. There is also a tourist port for large cruise ships. With so many valuable businesses in operation, keeping assets and people safe is a top priority for Busan Port Authority. This is why vehicle access to the port is now automated and controlled with RFID.

Access Control with RFID

Apulsetech has chosen the fixed UHF RFID Reader a312 for this application. At Busan New Port, 12 readers have been newly installed at the terminal gates. Authorized vehicles carry a windshield vehicle tag. When the vehicle enters the entrance zone, the loop coil sensor on a312 checks the vehicle and triggers the RFID system. The RFID system reads the vehicle tag ID and checks with the main system whether the vehicle is authorized or not. If it is, the car passes through quietly. In case of unauthorized access an alarm is sounded. The same system is planned to be applied to airports and other ports in South Korea.

The Fixed UHF RFID Reader a312

α312 is a Fixed RFID reader supporting 4 port channels. By using Impinj’s R2000 chip, it can read RFID tags up to 25 meters away. The reading rate is as high as 200 tags per second. Being IP 67 rate certified, it can be used in a harsh environment and provides maximum user convenience by supporting multi-interface communications.

α312 is optimized for secure access solutions, warehouse logistics, asset history tracking, staff security, and automated system management.

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Christy Cho
Christy Cho
Oversea Business Manager
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Robin Jang
Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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