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Apulsetech Provides RFID Reader for Subway Platform Screen Door

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Apulsetech Provides RFID Reader for Subway Platform Screen Door

Thousands of Commuters Can Safely Board Trains Thanks to Apulsetech RFID

At a glance:

  • Platform Screen Doors for passengers’ safety
  • Apulsetech reader a311 now installed in all Korail stations
  • Makes sure the train stops at the right moment 
  • Captures up to 300 tags per second

Korail operates commuter and metro trains in Korea with the use of platform screen doors. These doors provide an added layer of security as they, for example, prevent people from accidentally falling onto the tracks. RFID has been used for a long time to make sure that Korail metro trains stop at the right position. The most recent overhaul of the system saw Apulsetech step in with their powerful a311 RFID reader.

09 Oct 2023 - Apulsetech for Secure Access to Busan Port

Platform Screen Doors and RFID

Platform Screen Doors have been in use in Korea since 2005. They are a security measure which prevent passengers getting too close to moving trains and improve the safety of passengers when trains are passing through the station at high speed. They also improve the overall security of the railway system as they restrict access to the tracks and tunnels. RFID is the technology of choice to make sure trains stop at the point where platform screen doors and train doors match.

RFID for Passenger Security

The Platform Screen Doors are tagged on the inside, as are train doors. A sensor detects when the train is arriving. Korail metro security system is using the a311 RFID Reader to read the RFID tags and to check whether the train is in the right position. The a311 antenna integrated RFID reader model is fixed inside the station from where it can capture all the required data for that. The data is then relayed to the train driver who stops at the right spot.


a311 is a new Fixed UHF RFID Reader. It has long-distance tag reading and writing capabilities which is ideal for the reliable work which it is doing in Korail stations. Adapting Impinj reader ICs, a311 captures up to 300 tags per second. It is well-suited to varying temperatures and outdoor use as the operating temperature lies between -20°C and 70°C. It can manage with relative humidity between 25 and 95 percent.

a311 has very powerful expansion capabilities such as logistics management, asset management and production management.

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