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Energy-saving Card Encoding Machine with Precise DoD Printing

Image: Rinas Gerätetechnik

Energy-saving Card Encoding Machine with Precise DoD Printing

RFID Personalization with Rinas Gerätetechnik

It takes one to three seconds for a plastic card in the standard ID-1 format to pass through the energy-saving “CS DOD”, a DoD personalization machine from Rinas Gerätetechnik. It is encoded with RFID, printed with ink in monochrome or color with the utmost precision, and optically monitored with a scanner. After passing through the machine, the finished cards are sorted and automatically stacked. Non-functional cards are sorted out in the process.

  • Personalization process: 1-3 seconds depending on coding effort
  • Throughput with personalization: Up to 6,000 cph
  • Printing only: Up to 15,000 cph
  • Simultaneous b/w or full color printing (YMCK)

07 May 2024 - World's First Plastic-Free Chip Card Made of Wood

Precise DoD Printing

In the CS DoD printer with piezoelectric nozzle, ink is forced out of the valves as needed and lands only where it is needed. Heating elements are built into the print head to stabilize the fluid temperature and, in conjunction with the unique ink channel design, ensure a constant ink supply to all nozzles. This minimizes clogging and unnecessary downtime. As a result, PVC, paper or wooden cards can be efficiently printed with 1D or 2D codes, numbers and other lettering. The most common configurations for the DoD printer target standard ID-1 and booklet sizes. With RFID encoding, a print run takes approximately one to three seconds, allowing customers to achieve throughputs between 2,000 and 6,000 cph. Maximum throughput is up to 15,000 cph. In addition to RFID encoding, the machine can also encode magnetic stripe cards. The throughput here depends on the encoding module used.

Customized Applications

Rinas Gerätetechnik manufactures the DoD Perso Machine according to the customer's specification with various integrated modules and consults on the configuration of the machine. The amount of ink used and the print resolution can be adapted to the substrate used by the parameters. The processing of special sizes such as long, narrow label adhesive plaques and special materials such as wooden cards are possible.

Improved Job Management and Full-color Printing (YMCK)

To better support customers, Rinas Gerätetechnik has made enhancements to order management with the Rinas software. New features allow the editing of the card status and thus the simple and fast post-production of cards that have failed validity checks. High-quality four-color printing during encoding is now also possible with the CS-DOD. Comprehensive software enables real-time conversion of the print data. The color adjustments of the print can be defined with the help of own color profiles and adapted to the individual customer requirements. Printing a changing image from card to card is thus possible. The printing speed is identical to the monochrome system (depending on the amount of print data).

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Armin Rinas
Armin Rinas
Managing Director
Aftholderberg, Germany
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