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Rinas Unveils the KPM Key Fob Encoder

Image: Rinas Gerätetechnik

Rinas Unveils the KPM Key Fob Encoder

High-Quality Encoding with a Low Error Rate

Rinas Gerätetechnik not only builds machines, but also sets standards – now also in the personalization of key fobs. With the KPM, Rinas Gerätetechnik has produced a compact personalization system for key fobs. The first demo will now take place at Trustech, the leading event for payment, identification and security experts in Europe.

  • Throughput of approx. 1,000 to 3,600 per hour – depending on the duration of chip personalization
  • Various key fob formats possible (after consultation)
  • Printing only: Up to 15,000 cph
  • Extension with scan, print or laser system possible

07 May 2024 - World's First Plastic-Free Chip Card Made of Wood

The New KPM Encoder

Developed in response to market demand, the key fob encoder has a throughput of 1,000 to 3,600 cph, depending on the duration of chip personalization. Various key fob formats are possible after consultation with Rinas Gerätetechnik. The customer fills the key fobs into a magazine, from where they pass through the machine within a very short time. During this process, they can be printed if required. An HP or laser printing module can be integrated. In addition to the print or laser system extension, a scanning system can be integrated to capture optical features. The form factor of the KPM is compact, but variable due to the modularization options.

Urgently Required: Quality "Made-in-Germany"

In order to be able to work cost-effectively, industrial customers often purchase key fobs from Asian suppliers. The key fobs are sometimes supplied already encoded and sometimes already printed. In some cases, the quality does not meet the required standard, resulting in returns. Rina's machines are more expensive in comparison, but can deliver consistent quality. "I am delighted that we can now offer our customers a solution," explains Armin Rinas, Managing Director and Owner of Rinas Gerätetechnik. "The machine is designed to meet the customer's requirements in the best possible quality."


Key fobs are used as a solution for secure authentication and access. The KPM can also be used for security tokens with contact chip programming in highly secure areas where it is not permitted to view the encoding of the fobs and the way in which they are used.

Individual and comprehensive training for our customers is important to us and takes place during machine commissioning or in advance when the machine is sampled. Support is usually provided online via remote access. This reduces on-site customer service to a minimum.

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Armin Rinas
Armin Rinas
Managing Director
Aftholderberg, Germany
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