Water Level Detection Tag by E-Garde

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Water Level Detection Tag by E-Garde

Capacitance Sensor Tag for Logistics and Flood Warning Systems

At a glance:

  • Tag uses E-Garde’s new Capacitance Sensor IC
  • Read range of 4.5 meters max.
  • UHF or HF tag
  • Functions with any reader

Water leaks or constant drips can cause severe damage in industrial facilities. Water level detection tags by E-Garde are a remedy against incurring damage from water in this way. Outside industrial facilities, those same tags are needed as floods following large precipitation events can cause loss of life and property and lead to the devastation of livestock and agriculture. Early warning systems that make use of E-Garde’s water level detection tags are useful here, too.

28 Nov 2023 - New Infrastructure Health Tag by E-Garde

The Water Level Detection Tag: Tech Specs

This tag uses Capacitance Sensor IC chip which has been developed by ROHM Semiconductor to detect capacitance. The tag can be attached to cables or applied to other objects and senses changes in capacitance in liquids. Detectable substances for this tag include liquids containing water, solid objects containing water, and metal powder, but not oils. It is a passive UHF tag with a maximum read range of 4.5 meters.

If the software has an alarm function linked with capacitance value, an alarm will be triggered when critical water levels are reached. Data retention time is 10 years.

A Reader-Agnostic Tag

Any fixed or handheld reader can function with this tag. The end user attaches the tag to a pipe or a cable and the tag will detect the capacitance that changes moment by moment depending on the water level. It does not send data independently since it is battery-less. As soon as a reader is within the read range, however, it powers the tag which will then transmit condition data. This makes it highly suitable for applications in warehouse logistics, storage management and flood management. In warehouses, the tag can be used for detecting drips. The shape of the detection electrode can be adjusted according to fit the use case and to achieve the most accurate detection. Tag accuracy is at +/- 5 % and very high.

A Tag for Flood Warning System

As flooding after prolonged rainfalls are becoming more prevalent in many parts of the world, early flood warning systems proliferate. Sensors and telemetry equipment are foundational for an early warning system to work. E-Garde’s water level detection tag is a solid component in such a system. It can be attached to drains and significant passageways for rainwater and help monitor water levels in sensitive areas. Real-time data on water levels allow for appropriate and timely response measures.

14 Nov 2023 - E-Garde to Launch New Sensor Tag in April 2024

The maximum length of the sensing line is around 4 meters. With this tag, a non-battery system can be created which informs about water depths of up to 4 meters.

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