E-Garde to Launch New Sensor Tag in April 2024

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E-Garde to Launch New Sensor Tag in April 2024

Automated Inventory with Weight Displacement Detection Tag

At a glance:

  • Inventory of small items which are used daily
  • Automatically measures weight
  • Can trigger replenishment alert
  • Available in custom sizes

RFID sensor tags are becoming more common in business applications. They are used to identify and track assets and to also monitor aspects of their condition. In recent years, E-Garde has invested their expertise in RFID in producing sensor tags for capacitance sensing and for circuit (open-close) detection. In 2024, another innovative RFID sensor tag will be added to the portfolio.

28 Nov 2023 - New Infrastructure Health Tag by E-Garde

Keeping Track of Everyday Small Items

Staff in warehouses, labs and large office buildings need to know the location of large assets, which they therefore affix RFID tags to. When it comes to the many small items which they need as part of their daily routines, individual tracking is not an option. Rubber bands, screws, cable ties, small electronic devices and other small items are important, however. The weight displacement tag is designed for these applications. It measures the change in weight as the products are being used. When a certain threshold value is reached, it triggers an alert if the software is set up that way. Members of staff then know that they need to reorder new stock.

Weight Displacement Detection for Automated Inventory

The tag measures the change in weight of whatever is put on it by using capacitance sensors. It is a battery-less UHF tag which operates at 840MHz to 960MHz. E-Garde can customize the maximum weight and tag size according to objects customers want to manage.

In terms of functionality, the Weight Displacement Detection Tag can be likened to a scale with added intelligence. Larger items such as tools can, when placed on the tag, be counted individually. The weight displacement tag is therefore a crucial tool for fast inventory counting. The way this sensor tag will be used will change depending on the use case, of course.

Great Performance in Cold Temperatures

Since the Weight Displacement Detection Tag is a battery-less tag, its reading performance at -22°C is identical with the one at 25°C. Cold chain applications in the pharmaceutical industry, food supply and chemical industry will benefit particularly well from this sensor tag. It’s ideal temperature range is approximately -40°C to 65°C, depending on the chip specifications.

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