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Apulsetech for Unmanned Stores

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Apulsetech for Unmanned Stores

New Self-Checkout System with Refrigerator for the Retail Market

  • High demand for technology for unmanned stores
  • a211 is reader/writer for RFID fridge
  • captures 200 tags per second
  • up to 16 antenna ports

Korea is known for its swift embrace of technology, widespread adoption of cashless payments, well-developed urban centers and relatively low crime rate. The country's four major convenience stores operate 3,530 unmanned stores as of the first half of 2023. This includes “hybrid” stores, which have staff during the daytime but not at night. Korean RFID reader manufacturer Apulsetech is now providing a solution for such unmanned stores.

09 Oct 2023 - Apulsetech for Secure Access to Busan Port

Unmanned Stores Are in Demand

Retail shops and restaurants increasingly demand to have full digital overview over remaining stocks in storage and an attached automatic order system. Technologically, this can be implemented without a problem. Korea’s very own Apulsetech is now providing the RFID system and technical support for an automated fridge. The RFID system not only allows digital access and sale of refridgerated goods but also automatically records stock numbers and issues replenishment orders.

How the RFID Fridge Works

Customers approach the fridge with a credit card. Once the card information is read, the fridge door can be opened. As many items as needed can be placed into the shopping basket. The installed a211 RFID Reader model and customized antennas capture the tags on the goods and create a digital bill. Once the fridge door is closed, the bill is credited to the customer’s credit card.

The a211 Fixed Reader

Apulsetech’s a211 is the fixed UHF RFID reader which makes this application possible. It is produced in a slim and simple design and is perfectly suitable for indoor desk operation. It reads up to 200 tags per second and has a read range of up to 10 meters. The reader can feature up to 16 antenna ports. a211 can also be used for checkout at the designated POS in unmanned stores. Apart from unmanned stores, a211 is suitable for automatic data acquisition, warehousing logistics management, access control, container management and asset tracking management.

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Christy Cho
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Robin Jang
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