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tranSpeed® Vehicle and Long-Range Identification from deister electronic

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tranSpeed® Vehicle and Long-Range Identification from deister electronic

Convenient Access Control Without Waiting Lines

At a glance:

  • TSU 200 long-range reader for passive UHF transponders
  • Reading range: up to 7 m
  • Simple commissioning via plug-and-play
  • Transponder: Bumper Tag, Windshield Tag or Dual Technology

The fast, reliable and automatic long-range identification tranSpeed® from deister electronic identifies drivers and vehicles in all weather conditions. tranSpeed® integrates seamlessly into other control systems thanks to many existing interfaces, but can also be used as a stand-alone solution. With a wide selection of transponders, tranSpeed® can be configured for any application. 

12 Dec 2023 - Laundry Management via an RFID Room Solution

The TSU 200 Long-Range Reader

The TSU 200 is a compact and robust long-range reader for passive UHF transponders. It is equipped with an integrated antenna. Its waterproof housing enables flexible use both indoors and outdoors. The reader is available in five different versions that cover all common international radio standards. Commissioning is extremely user-friendly thanks to the plug-and-play process, while the antenna is automatically calibrated using the auto-tune mode. Three large LEDs signal the reading status very clearly.

With an impressive range of up to 7 m, the TSU 200 is the ideal solution for applications such as parking lots, traffic management and efficient access control. This system is also used in rail traffic, in restricted access city centers, airports or on toll roads.

Heavy Duty Transponder for Bumper and Windshield

The UDC 160/170 Bumper Tag is a first-class choice for vehicle identification. This is a passive UHF transponder that uses the EPC Class 1 Gen 2 protocol. The integrated antenna technology enables direct mounting on metal and guarantees a reading radius of 180°. This transponder is particularly suitable for applications in the fields of logistics, factory automation and vehicle identification.

Another instrument for vehicle identification is the Windshield Tag TPU 3082/92, a passive UHF transponder for the windshield. These versatile transponders have been specially designed for vehicle identification and are therefore ideal for long-range applications such as parking lot management. They are easy to attach to the windshield and, thanks to the optional vignette function, cannot be removed without causing damage.

Driver Identification via Dual Technology Transponder

08 Nov 2023 - Webinar: Laundry Management via an RFID Room Solution

A transponder card with dual technology can be used to identify drivers. The driver presents the transponder card to the reader, enabling convenient identification without having to leave the vehicle. The RFID card can be used both for vehicle access control and for access to buildings.

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