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Key Issuance: Electronic, Contactless, Double Protected

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Key Issuance: Electronic, Contactless, Double Protected

Key Management Systems From deister electronic

Mechanical keys are widely used as an access tool for buildings. For companies, however, the manual management and loss of keys cause enormous effort and serious security gaps. Electronic key cabinets from deister electronic are designed for this situation. They help to mitigate the risks and reduce the costs incurred by lost keys.

  • Various configurable systems available
  • Depending on the cabinet, between 4 and several thousand keys can be managed
  • Contactless access with RFID
  • Low maintenance requirements

06 Sep 2023 - Secure Storage Systems from deister electronic

Electronic Management of Several Thousand Keys

The electronic key cabinets from deister electronic consist of the cabinet, various slot modules that provide space for individual keys and key bundles, and an operating terminal with a display. Power is supplied by a power supply unit and a backup battery. Users can configure the key cabinets with different numbers of keyPanels, that are closely spaced for single keys and well spaced for key bundles.

The maxx 6U is a key box that is locked by an automatic roller shutter. Two keyPanels and a maximum of 64 keys can be stored in it. The flexx key cabinet is available in five different sizes and offers space for 384 keys in the largest version 36U.

Functionality of the Cabinets

Users identify themselves for key issuance via an identification medium, such as an ISO card, a transponder or a keyTag on the operating terminal. The authorization is recognized and the roller shutter door opens. The slot of the key to which the user is authorized to access lights up red. This way, the key can be found quickly even in complex key issuing systems with many slots.

At the same time, the slot is unlocked for targeted removal. Through slot locking, all keys are firmly anchored in the cabinet and double protected against manipulation. Key removals and returns are electronically validated and digitally documented in the Commander Connect software.

A Secure and Low Maintenance Solution

12 Jun 2023 - Improved Textile Management in Northern Norway

All individual keys and small bunches of keys can be managed with the key management system. User authentication is contactless. The entire system is low-maintenance and saves time and effort. Access security increases. The management and documentation of rights are carried out digitally and clearly via the central Commander Connect software.

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