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NXP Semiconductors Enhances Compal's 5G NR ISC Solution

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NXP Semiconductors Enhances Compal's 5G NR ISC Solution

Getting the Most from 5G Networks with Compal’s 5G NR Integrated Small Cell (ISC) Solution

The introduction of 5G networks came with high expectations and they have largely lived up to the hype, even as they continue to push transformation across many industries through increased digitization and connectivity. Given their potential to move vast amounts of data quickly and securely, it's exciting to imagine what 5G networks will deliver in the near future, but challenges must be overcome. Compal and NXP are working together to take them on.

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Compal Electronics is one of the world's largest ODMs. Based in Taiwan, the company is invested in producing the latest and most reliable network solutions. Its recent 5G NR Integrated Small Cell (ISC) solution is boosting the 5G experience and scope.

Challenge: Overcoming Limitations to Optimize 5G Potential

5G enablement has delivered innovation to smart homes, smart factories and even smart cars.Yet for all of the potential of 5G there are hurdles to delivering its benefits. One challenge is that 5G network signals attenuate rapidly in situations where signal transmission through walls or over long distances is required. With small cells, this shortcoming can be overcome by boosting network signals to extend coverage into indoor spaces and throughout high-density areas. This signal boosting capability can offer a reliable network with fewer geographical restrictions.

Delivering this solution requires the integration of hardware and software platforms, and NXP and Compal worked together to deliver one with the right balance, flexibility and compatibility.

Solution: Working with NXP's Layerscape Portfolio to Achieve Network Densification

The 5G NR ISC solution integrates NXP's Layerscape portfolio, including Layerscape multi-core processors and Layerscape Access LA1200 programmable baseband processor. The processors power the solution to deliver high-performance capabilities based on a 4-antenna configuration to enable new 5G use cases. The Layerscape multicore processors, provide high levels of integration and leverage Arm 64-bit cores. The Layerscape Access programmable baseband processors ensure unprecedented flexibility via programmable engines for PHY/baseband processing.

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NXP offers a robust portfolio of technologies for accelerating 5G deployments that deliver best-in-class performance and security for infrastructure, industrial and automotive applications. NXP enables 5G solutions via its programmable baseband processors and flexible software stacks from ecosystem software providers who deliver complete integrated solutions. This 5G expertise benefitted Compal and contributed to the development of the 5G NR ISC solution. Both companies examined the market needs together and explored all options before creating the fitting solution.

Result: A High-Performance 5G Connection for Everyone

“Our collaboration with NXP enables us to leverage the high performance of Layerscape processors to help meet the growing need for higher capacity and broader availability for 5G networks. The 5G NR solution helps enable a wide range of new applications and revenue streams for mobile network operators and private network service providers.”

-JS Liang, Vice President at Compal

Compal's 5G NR ISC solution accelerates 5G network density enhancements and new 5G use cases. It does this by delivering a combination of multiple antennas and the high-performance baseband processing needed to enhance network density, while also delivering the low latency performance users expect from a 5G connection. Enhanced by NXP's Layerscape portfolio, it helps users bypass the constraints of physical barriers to 5G transmission and consequently provides the coverage they can count on.

Further Explore NXP's 5G Portfolio

With one of the industry's broadest portfolios of wireless technologies, NXP has been accelerating the vision of a connected world that anticipates and automates. NXP's solutions provide various enablement for the 5G network. Learn more about NXP's 5G Portfolio.

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