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The Best of Both Worlds with AWS and NXP

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The Best of Both Worlds with AWS and NXP

Cloud Meets Edge

Edge AI and Cloud AI are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they are tied together by a fundamental resource called data. Edge AI/ML helps manage data that is collected at the edge and in doing so, delivers key cost, user interaction and overall performance benefits that are critical for success.

The cloud enables large scale data collection and the associated model development environment that improves inference confidence and performance over the life of the model. Together, NXP and AWS have developed an optimized approach to developing and deploying an edge AI application with AWS services. Models are built in the cloud and deployed to the edge with NXP’s applications processors. The result is a dynamic, practical approach that reflects the combined strengths of two industry leaders, so you can save time and lower engineering costs while developing customer-centric solutions.

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Getting started on a cloud-based edge AI project can be intimidating. To help, NXP and AWS have partnered together to create the NXP + AWS Collaboration Space with guides that help developers become familiar with basic architecture and implementation approaches.

Our Experts Guide You Through the Details

The curated guides help you save time and streamline your development effort, making it easy to start using the NXP + AWS Collaboration Space for product differentiation. Each guide provides a step-by-step introduction to establishing hybrid computing models for a dedicated application.

The first guide, Building a Machine Learning Pipeline from Cloud to Edge, is available now. Edge ML may run algorithms without the cloud, but the cloud remains an essential part of the deployment, because cloud-based resources provide a platform for developing, training, distributing, securing and maintaining ML models and for managing Edge ML devices.

When Edge ML deployments are supported by a robust, scalable pipeline from the cloud to the edge, cloud resources can grow with the deployment, expanding as needed to support iterative training, geographical expansion, new product introductions and ever-evolving security requirements.

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Before accessing the guide, make sure you’re logged into and your AWS account, so you can cross-reference between the two and have easy access to software-stack downloads.

Stay Updated with the Latest Training and News from NXP + AWS

We promise to continue simplifying the integration of hybrid cloud/edge deployments that serve a number of growing market segments, including automotive, industrial and the Internet of Things (IoT). Together, we are supporting developers using hybrid combinations of cloud and edge resources to deploy applications that collect, analyze and react to mission-critical data. Visit the NXP + AWS Collaboration Space to view the latest guides, trainings and news from NXP and AWS.

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