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NXP Honored with Prestigious Automotive Awards

Image: NXP Semiconductors

NXP Honored with Prestigious Automotive Awards

Global Automotive Leaders Recognize NXP for Innovation, Outstanding Collaboration with Tier 1s and OEMs

NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) is proud to announce that it has been honored by three automotive partners. The company has collected supplier awards from DENSO and Hyundai Motor Group for its outstanding efforts in helping to ensure supply capacity, continuity and excellent customer service, as well as an innovation award from BMW Group for its digital car key solution.

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“Successfully navigating the auto industry’s complex supply chain landscape to deliver true innovation our customers need can only be achieved through close collaboration with semiconductor manufacturers, Tier 1s and OEMs,” said Ron Martino, Executive Vice President, Global Sales at NXP. “We are extremely proud to be honored by BMW Group for our innovative UWB based digital car key solution, and by both DENSO and Hyundai Motor Group for NXP’s steadfast commitment to meeting our customer’s needs. Our teams work tirelessly to develop breakthrough technologies and foster collaborative customer relationships that enable NXP to deliver strategic long-term forecasts and expand capacity where needed, despite challenging conditions.”

DENSO’s Business Partner of the Year Awards are given to companies that demonstrate a shared commitment to outstanding performance, exceptional quality, sustainability, diversity and inclusion, and advancing mobility. DENSO’s Gold Award for Special Achievements recognizes NXP’s outstanding efforts to ensure business continuity despite difficult supply conditions while maintaining strong customer service levels.

“This past year has been defined by an urgent need to adapt and evolve for emerging mobility trends, from electrification to connectivity and much more,” said Mike Winkler, vice president of the North America Purchasing Group at DENSO. “All of our partners, but especially award recipients, have been crucial in helping us navigate such changes and deliver for our customers – quickly, sustainably and with enhanced value.”

In April, NXP received the prestigious 2022 Global Supplier of the Year award from Hyundai Motor Group, making NXP one of the first semiconductor vendors to receive such recognition. The award highlights the significance of the strong collaboration between semiconductor suppliers and auto OEMs from a supply and supply assurance viewpoint. It also recognizes NXP’s outstanding local team support and engagement in Korea.

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In collaboration with Continental Automotive GmbH Regensburg, NXP was also awarded the BMW Group Supplier Innovation Award for the company’s innovative digital car key solution that leverages Ultra-Wideband technology. The digital key enables drivers to unlock their cars securely with their smartphones without needing a physical car key.

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