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HUAYUAN stands for RFID R&D since 1995. With over 20 years of experience in RFID technology development, we provide a world-class RFID tag production line. We offer a broad product portfolio from antennas to finished products.

  • RFID antenna research and design; Etching, copper winding for customized performance and specifications
  • Inserting, converting and encapsulation for various environments and applications
  • e-Ticket solutions with plastic card, paper card, wristband, bracelet etc. with assembled RFID/NFC
  • Contactless cards, tag printing, manufacturing with laminated RF NFC
  • Provider of apparel branding and label solutions, brand protection & security solutions

Since 1995, HUAYUAN has experienced more than 20 years in RFID technology development. We served hundreds of clients successfully and continues to work hard on growing skills to keep up with the leading professionals globally. We can offer efficient solutions including some free consulting service on the client’s request to create efficient comprehensive RFID R&D solutions for the client.


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Huayuan Electronic

Who we are

RFID tag is an essence of efficiency and accuracy management system for brand apparel and retail products. Millions of tags inserted with RFID inlay attached on each products item play a big roll from production, transportation and Logistics reach their destination efficient, accurate synchronously exchange data of management system by RFID reader devices.

HUAYUAN had started from barcode, magnetic technique, data recorder media products 1995, now HUAYUAN can provider worldclass level RFID products from global market in retail industrial by: RFID Brand label, woven label, data label, with world class printing quality and precisely RFID programming.

As a deep partner of biggest apparel RFID tag producer, HUAYUAN had it huge production capability in RFID antenna etching production, FLIP bonding base, and worldwide converting manufactures as the top-quality level in Japan and Germany.

Based in Dusseldorf in NRW Germany, HUAYUAN Tech provider technical support and demonstration of RFID system, from RFID Antenna, Inlay, various Apparel Tags, samples for diff erent applications, RFID reader and antennas. RFID tag printing, programming operation can be fulfilled there. Our engineer can help you design antenna, testing Tags, Pre-sales assistant.

There are thousands tags in warehouse for instant delivery, and RFID reader and reader antenna, RFID hand holder with diff erent parameter available. Thanks for your time to know HUAYUAN, let us RFID now.

What we do

  • Rich experience in variable data process for RFID chip programming coherence visual data printing with hundreds SKU classis in huge quantity RFID tags, tickets, labels’ production.
  • Security tamper evident RFID/NFC seal tag design on items or packages.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of applying RFID in harsh environment.
  • HUAYUAN Linkages between Asia and Europe flexible various RFID /NFC products delivery.
  • Hundreds of customers in west Europe and Scandinavia market.
  • Keep update UHF technical in our UHF RFID products, Close cooperation with top level company in RFID industry

RAIN RFID Jewelry Tags

With over 20 years of converting experience, HUAYUAN Electronic has engineered an RFID tag and label converting platform that allows conversion of industry standard Jewelry tags into RFID tags. HUAYUAN has started to focus on bringing the benefits of RFID to jewelry manufacturers and resellers.

HUAYUAN Provides UHF RFID Ceramic Tags with On Metal Design

Three ways to produce RFID tags, which are not affected by the interference of metal assets It is impossible for an common passive UHF RFID tag to work properly on metal surface. Hence passive RFID tags are often confronted with a number of problems in harsh industrial environments. There are three typical ways to produce RFID tag, which are not affected by the interference of metal assets, in our experience. Below you will find a brief presentation of our experience.

Huayuan's NFC Mini Tags – Label for Smart Industries

The rapid development of the modern society forces industries to improve their production efficiency and business format continuously, most of traditional industries face challenges during those transformations. RFID technology, as the epochal technology to accelerate the business to satisfy variable requirements in globally.

NFC and UHF Tamper Tags by Huayuan

From vehicle identification to proof of authenticity of wine and pharmaceuticals Huayuan offers a comprehensive portfolio of RFID tamper tag solutions. All tamper-proof RFID tags are 100 percent customer-specific regarding the respective application and the prevailing requirements. The following solutions are examples of the various applications possible.

Phoebe Bu
Phoebe Bu
Project Director
Shanghai, China
Guohua Tao
Guohua Tao
General Manager
Shanghai, China
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