Adriano Bigongiari, CEO, CAEN RFID

Supplier of RAIN RFID (UHF) Technology

CAEN RFID is a leading company in Automatic Identification (AutoId) and has focused its activities in RAIN RFID technology (passive UHF RFID conforming to GS1 EPC Class1 Gen2 or ISO 18000-63 standards).

The product portfolio of CAEN RFID includes:

  • easy2read© RAIN RFID keyfob readers, handheld and desktop readers
  • easy2read© integrated RAIN RFID USB/Bluetooth interrogators and fixed readers
  • easy2log© temperature loggers and RAIN RFID e-seals

I still remember when we began this adventure 15 years ago. There were no reference points, no communication standards. No real life applications. So we started by doing what we knew better: developing state of the art technologies. Today the scenario has changed. The technology is mature and new vertical sectors in which the RFID technology improves processes efficiency continuously emerge. In the meantime the expertise of our team evolved so that we are always ready to face the new challenges. We are excited to deal with this challenging task supporting our clients with a unique mix of strong technology skills, high quality products and well known Italian creativity.

Adriano Bigongiari, CEO, CAEN RFID

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Supplier of RAIN RFID (UHF) Technology

CAEN RFID was founded in 2006 as a private-owned Italian company, but its activities started in 2003 as the RFID division of CAEN SpA. It was the first European company to design, produce and market a UHF RFID reader. CAEN RFID is a partner of the most important associations, including EPCglobal and ETSI, participating to the definition of standards.

The Management, Technical and Commercial teams are young, dynamic and greatly experienced with everyday RFID applications. All our staff have been previously involved with CAEN SpA, world leader in electronic instrumentation for nuclear and particle physics. CAEN electronics is always at the forefront of technology and has become a “de facto” standard in the most prominent physics labs worldwide.

In 2012, CAEN RFID obtained the ISO9001: 2008 Quality Certification. This award has driven CAEN RFID to supply products and services of great quality to our customers, who we consider our greatest asset.

In 2015, DATALOGIC became a shareholder of CAEN RFID through the acquisition of 20% of the company with the purpose of company development and growth.

easy2read© and easy2log© product lines

CAEN RFID has developed its easy2read© and easy2log© product lines according to the RAIN RFID standards. Our team of engineers designs state-of-the-art devices and provides continuous support and feedback to customers. This provides our customers with a better understanding of RAIN RFID technology and our products, enabling a more efficient and optimal performance usage.

The quality of our products, the consultancy service at the time of purchase and the after-sales support are among our top priority objectives.

Thanks to our detailed knowledge of all deployment aspects of a RAIN RFID installation, together with our large partners’ network, CAEN RFID is also the ideal contact point to plan and develop outstanding and high-performing RAIN RFID solutions.

CAEN RFID presents its new product catalog year 2020

The new product catalog year 2020 is now available for download. CAEN RFID is a leading company in Automatic Identification (AutoID) and it has focused its activities in the RAIN RFID technology (passive UHF RFID conforming to GS1 EPC Class1 Gen2 or ISO 18000-63 standards).

CAEN Announces New Quattro RAIN RFID Fixed Reader

The Quattro! New RAIN RFID fixed reader well suited for retail and warehousing installations. The Quattro reader has 4 antenna ports capable of a 31.5 dBm maximum power, enabling to build RAIN RFID portals for long range reading. Its slim form factor makes it easy to install even when limited space is available. It offers the Ethernet (PoE) and USB communication interface in order to simplify the installation both on large and single read point solutions. The Power over Ethernet capability permits to provide power and to communicate with the reader with a single cable.

CAEN RFID Sponsors the IEEE RFID-TA 2019

CAEN RFID is proud to be a sponsor of the IEEE RFID-TA 2019 international conference that will be held in Pisa from September 25 to 27. The IEEE RFID-TA 2019 provides a forum for the advancement of RFID technology and practice; it aims at strengthening relations between industry, research institutions and academia and gives attendees a unique opportunity to share, discuss, and witness research results in all areas of RFID technologies and their applications.

Design your own RAIN RFID reader

Designing a high performance RAIN RFID reader is not an easy job! Even if today you can choose a chipset platform on the market that implements most of the needed features and build the reader around it, you still have to face with many technical details, especially regarding the correct handling of Ultra High Frequency signals. So, even if you don’t need to know every detail of the RAIN RFID air protocol (the protocol used by readers and tags to communicate each other), you still need very good radio frequency skills to obtain good reading performances and to comply with regulations. But there is a simple way! CAEN RFID designed the Hadron (R4320C) module, a complete high performance RAIN RFID reader in a compact form factor.

CAEN Presents Long Range RAIN RFID Reader Proton R4320P

Compact 4-port Long Range RAIN RFID Reader The Proton (Model R4320P) is a rugged long range RAIN RFID reader of the easy2read© product line, well suited for industrial environment installations. The Proton reader has 4 antenna ports capable of a 31.5 dBm maximum power enabling to build RAIN RFID portals for logistic. Its compact form factor makes it easy to install and the IP65 protection permits outdoor or harsh environment installations. Featuring Power Over Ethernet, RS232 and GPIOs via industry standard M12 connectors makes the Proton an ideal choice for industrial automation and Industry 4.0 solutions.

David Pallassini
David Pallassini
Sales Manager
Viareggio (LU), Italy
Stefano Coluccini
Stefano Coluccini
Chief Marketing Officer
Viareggio (LU), Italy
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