RTLS for Traffic Management

Lecture from Daniel Santiago Perez, Siemens
Lecture from Daniel Santiago Perez, Siemens

Real-Time Localization of Vehicles, AGVs and Tugger Trains


Traffic Management System

Speaker: Daniel Santiago Perez Solution Specialist Industrial Locating, Siemens

Title: How Volkswagen Autoeuropa Deals With Traffic Management in Industrial Intersections?


    • Locating AGV and tugger trains in an industrial environment
    • Combination of a real-time locating system from Siemens with traffic lights
    • More efficient, safer, and faster production processes
    • Transparent management of every vehicle
    • Intelligent analytics on the movements of the vehicles

RTLS technology enables intelligent analytics on vehicle movement. This makes transparent vehicle management possible. Daniel Santiago Perez will be sharing a success story from Volkswagen Autoeuropa in his lecture. Discover how you can combine an RTLS system with traffic lights to create an efficient traffic management system at industrial intersections.

RTLS can also be used in industrial settings. Learn more about how AGVs and tugger trains can be located in real-time. Tune in and find out how you can make your production processes more efficient, safer and faster!

Source: Think Wireless IoT Day 04-2023: Automotive Production + Parts Logistics + Tire Management + Wireless IoT Technologies

Date: 21st June 2023

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